Marijuana, Michael Bowman, Senator Rand Paul discussed on The Frankie Boyer Show


We have the ability to make a myriad of uh of products paper products plastic um substitute products composites for automobiles the food hamfisted nutty and yummy health building materials nanomaterials three d printing and bioplastics it's an industry that could really bring america back into manufacturing began and back to farming again it's home business home meaning you home is stare is very limited education on an and the reason you have your show and we have found out i eat week after week is people don't know the difference between has marijuana and so our job is to really show that uh and game seeds me legal and we need to create political and consumer education around that because the awareness is low people don't understand that it's part of the farm bill in fact michael bowman wrote that part of the fun i have industrial farming act excuse me i'm in the house sponsors har senator rand paul you know and democratic senator ron wyden polar opposites in other areas of politics and how still israel in tea party representatives jamie calmer from kentucky is cosponsored by democrats jerry is from colorado okay and so what this is an opportunity to build an economy and to build common ground during in time in our countries when there is such extremes polarization what we are all about it's just needs to be legal uh and we need to stop buying seeds from overseas and so what we are doing the first thing now we're gonna do little now his campaign shortly and we will have a website shortly i right now where i gathering the players and worried been building alliances for the past year come on he says he asian foundations of manufacturer's product developers retailers and former you know as well as legislatory one of the exciting things we're going to do to make it available for the entire country is we're creating if did stop to plant program so everyone have you ever bought a nature afforested in south america river to protesting no i i grew up i grew up planting plants in israel my family did that we developed forest in israel and it was wonderful and exciting to to be able to do that in so what i want people to know though is that the europeans people that are living in spain in israel have such advances using industrial hound and.

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