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In some places in a little more than a day. More than a thousand flights have been cancelled in North Carolina and Virginia meanwhile about three hundred thousand customers are without power in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia. Some protesters demanding that lawmakers put climate change at the top of their agenda next year. A group gathered outside the capitol office of house minority leader Nancy Pelosi today. Two teams looking to improve their playoff chances. Meet up on Monday night football as the Minnesota Vikings. Visit the Seattle Seahawks tonight Seattle has won three straight. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio. President Trump is supporting three quarters of a trillion dollars in defense spending. Now, it'd be hired the seven hundred thirty three billion dollar request the Pentagon's expected to make for the two thousand twenty fiscal year earlier, this fall Trump told all cabinet officials to cut their budgets by five percent. But he suggested then the military would not face a sort of cuts. He wants from other agencies. Reuters reports Defense Secretary Gimenez spoke with Trump in the past few days about what the Pentagon chief views has the risk of a flat defense budget. Ryan piers NBC News Radio two nuns are being accused of misappropriating funds. From southern California Catholic school, the nuns are set to have taken as much as five hundred thousand dollars from Saint James Catholic school in Redondo beach. The information was uncovered by an internal investigation, but the church and archdiocese have chosen not to press criminal charges. They say the sisters are still in the order screen legend Kirk Douglas is being showered with love from his family on his one hundred second birthday, which you celebrated yesterday Douglas's daughter-in-law Oscar winning actress. Catherine Zeta Jones posted a video on Instagram wishing happy one hundred second birthday to the most beautiful, man. The video includes a slide show of family photos and video clips of the starve Spartacus and more than ninety movies and TV shows zeta-jones is married to Michael Douglas every year on Christmas Eve, the serpent cocoa Beach, Florida turns red, but it's not what it sounds like the red. As has been the case for the past ten years on Christmas Eve is the color of Santa suits, hundreds of them, this Christmas Eve is no different the tenth annual surfing. Santa's event will feature a costume contest with categories that include participants of all ages, including babies there will also be surfing event when all of the Santa's grabbed their boards and paddle out. It's all for a good cause the events reports to local nonprofits, the Florida surf museum and grind for life, which provides assistance to cancer patients. Phil Hewlett NBC, News Radio. I'm Tom Roberts. NBC News Radio..

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