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My room. I was joking with someone yesterday. That my room was a sea of sparkle's is growing up. I was Was still like sparkles or beads or are paints or something you know and and so i was. I was Doing that and that was the case. All through school. Like except that. When i went but i also had a very strong interest because i had a great district in an academic parents And so so. What happened was that i wound up going. My did my first degree in history and the are scared me. Actually a lot of ways like it was like i thought i'd be dude lackey or different or something and then i realized that was kind of that was not exactly i liked i his history degree and using it. It's been a wonderful thing But art was really. I said you know history was where my head was that artless where my heart was and though So that's what happened. I wind up teaching and teaching. I got a job working in ontario housing. Which is kind of low income housing with different immigrant groups per summer. And i realized i loved it and so went into teaching and so i went into teaching and that rear was amazing. But i knew it's pointed. Come back to the arch. And i did when i retired a happened and i'm doing on it. Seems the starting. Be taking off now. Which is lovely wonderful. Yeah so wonderful. Is this piece behind you yours. Yes yes yes. I was noticing when we first arrived so beautiful ponting. Also there's like one on the floor or lower down only. it's not like netflix. You don't need in progress in progress on site needs a little work. Anyway so myra my roots are and to being an artist writer is much more. Tortuous dan much slower. So i start off when i was in high school. I was very good at math. And science and i went into University studying engineering and One of the toughest decisions lifeless to drop out of that program on student has top student in that program the dropout onto something inside me told me this is not right for me. This side Sold celebrate your inner wisdom and you're listening to that inner voice i just point point celebrated thinking. Oh my god. There's something wrong with by totally by did knows. My genuine south was somewhere else in actually teaching saved me. After i went for science. I went back into science. Did a master's program dropped out about to even have been well and i had twice. It happened that i realized. Oh my something about me. That must be crying for attention by real salt by genuine south whenever that was so luckily out when all that happened is just horrible because the good students embarrassing actually and my family and my friends who had probably been wondering. What's going on this guy. So what i did. I did a little bit of teaching in a lab in him. And when i was teaching likely once said to me one day he said you know. You're really helping this cars. You're you're good at explaining since the one person who need that one comment. And i can't remember who his name or anything but that changed everything i went into teaching and likely stance You know over. Twenty years teaching. And i ended up teaching economics. Which sprayed is. It's actually very people. Thank you slots in politics. Sociology economics business current events news so it's very messy subject which is great. I really enjoyed it. I time in coach cross country running around that and i started feeling more comfortable myself So my artistic side sir. Commoditised writing that novel about ten years. Who has a teacher can get it published. But that's not surprising enough. It's tough to crack into that market stuff. Since i left it on hold in i think serendipity hit too because Genetic engineering now is very very on top of mind. Subject more than what's crisper genetic engineering also self publishing much easier now so I was able to sell always just a few weeks ago and it worked out. I also art Around trying not as much as lynn. But i've been credit a he actually paint. He's very prolific when he does anything mark when mark does anything he does the town like. He's absolutely completely and utterly like into it and you know he so yeah. I'm a little bit into any. He's healthly created about one hundred and quite large paintings. Not know that we have you know so. It's not like he's not just started anyway but later on at friendliness. Oh helpful because She she helped me a little bit with the novel. She's a lot more. Because it's a great you have to share. Its studio down in this whole Factors cotton factory now over higher years alternate sir about created studios for artists and saloon. I have space next right next to each other. And lena's color expert. She really knows what's in car cohen. That people paint colors. I'm always asking for a guided eddie. Details okay what should i have. You guys really work together. We and mr good with a little detail. So i mc whole picture I tend to see whole picture can and then when it gets down to detail i start the breathing a lot so so i almost get pants and so so i can. I can map out very quickly but but it gets to the detail part sometimes and i also think the second half my life is about sort of figuring out that detail side like appreciating how each of you are appreciating each other and your your gifts in your skills and your naming. What the other person does that. Maybe you're challenged by the ways that they support you and inspire you and just really feeling the Not only are you good. At collaboration and teamwork. But you're also really such a sweet valuing and acknowledging of each other in this space. I'm sure overflows into other spaces too. If you can notice this strongly here. I have to say that One of the things Mark street good at a lot of things. He's you know he's obviously very intelligent. And and you know it's it's one of the things. He was very good at math and science. I wasn't quite as good in math and science. Like i could always understand it but again the details i press a calculator iraq or something like that and and And one of the things. That i i noticed was that originally. When he started taking up art. I was a little that he i like. Oh you're getting space and.

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