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Legacy of stuff you're saying in his legacy right now did the same were like you brought up the raiders yeah it's the same thing right al davis has missed so much not only to the rated with to the league right and once you and if that one step or the make the transition now if looked up to his kids and they don't have the same i should bryant are drive to do it they're in live accompli go okay do alright a pretty much you know my dad leodis the and what he built for is the cash outing go bar for roaring yeah same goal as drip right right yeah so and the geared you you you wrestle with that issue by it the bulls brothers they're ready to go because they don't know what to do and are the better they were kicked out of of decision making right so now they're little bitter so they're like if we can be a part of that i think it was someone in lettuce goal but our business but that the way he set it up it's all right out of the reason why he he did it that way alright when the geico foxsports radius studios we're going to talk about what's going on at the combine and how you really great out the players projected onto their future careers in the national football a steve pal is all owe senior analysts for pro football focus all explained how he figures out who's good and who's overrated coming up next covering the nfl come from the guys that run backs last year was jones grandfather plucking bang out to twenty five on the band to their size in the hands of that throw that zero with.

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