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The news watch never stops newsradio nine fifteen w delhi's this portion of new sponsored by bochy diagnostics once the rain moves out in the pavement dries up all the patching crews will be out in force filling those potholes that grew wider and deeper with the mild weather amd the rain this week wtmj jackie paid spoke live with craig bryson of the road commission for oakland county he says the problems are all over the place unfortunately it's one of many nightmare area so we have been out there patching we're out there on saturday for example patching we'll be back their attaching but we've actually believe it or not got more critical areas where we're having i'm even more severe problems uh such as um walton in in waterford township elizabeth lake road waterford township ah orchard lake road in west bloomfield silverlake area uh and and the list goes on and on any terms of how you guys can fix it during this weather obviously the rain is going to stop so that of make it a little bit easier but why are they so bad this year if it's been the free thought cycle really um it's been constantly gone from you know subzero to 30s 40s 50s hell and back and forth followed by rain and snow and lots of precipitation and that's just a a recipe for disaster for example along telegraph road this morning i saw just a you know really almost an entire vehicle wide area on one lane of the roadways there should peopled moves through those slower or faster absolutely i would slow down and that's true of you know the roads all over the county were there were they're rough and the we're there may be potholes please slow down that's uh the fast you go the more likely are to blow out of tyre morton more damage your car all right craig in what else at what other areas you could be focus on it you you already said walton and of course elizabeth lake road in and how busy you guys going to be trying to do this for the next couple of weeks a very we we are literally out all over the.

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