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Greg Vidar who wrote a piece recently. That don't rule allow the Patriots signing Cam. Newton be free agent quarterback for the Carolina Panthers who still jobless at this moment. And so we thought we'd have greg on to hear an explanation on why he spilled thinks there's there's a chance Cam Newton signs with the Patriots of Greg. Please explain well. I mean number one. I don't think it's probable but I do think it's possible but there are a lot of things that need to happen number one. The Patriots have to create cap space. They have non right now. They can do that by extending Stefan Gilmore Joe -TUNI- Trading Joe -TUNI- number two. When is the NFL going to get back to work? How much time are they going to have with Cam Newton on practice field to get him into the Patriots offense because he's not just plug and play right away number three? He needs a thorough medical exam. I would the shoulder and foot injuries. The team needs to be sure of that. And and the last thing the most important thing is there needs to be a conversation at some point between Newton and probably Bill Bell Jack. They need to ascertain where he is. You know is Mr Superman ready to compete for a starting job with a player jerks that. Who's thrown four? Nfl PASSES I. Is He going to acquiesce to the Patriots? Way where you know the same methodology. That drove Tom. Brady the Tampa Bay You know where Cam Newton would be a grunt. He would have no status over anyone you know so there are people around the league who questioned whether he would buy into something like that but if all if all those answers align then yet it's possible certainly I wouldn't minimize the belief that they have in Jarrett Stidham looking at the situation. They didn't draft at the quarterback position because of that stem. They didn't go and get a free agent quarterback starter because of the hope. They have Jarret Stidham so this is situation when you look at it. They'RE GONNA go ride with them. They have to see who we is. And the only way you're gonNA see who he is in the regular season during real live football games and that's GONNA be too late for Cam Newton to come aboard in September October. Really buy into the system. Answer this culture so that their severance package frankly if all else fails them flames out there in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. I think that's just their game plan this year. I WANNA say that I woke up this morning. No Shot Ray Griggs Peace Corp. Greg is is connected with the Patriots and just look at their history the DNA. Oh Hey Randy Moss after you've been humbled and humiliated. No there's there will you buy our system. We brought you out here. They took a chance on Chad. Don Johnson you didn't buy in. They dusted him or didn't using much. And then eventually dusty. I can see the pages and Bill Belichick saying look if we can get Cam Newton in the right mindset completely humboldt willing to be grunt because this would be good for Cam Newton even if he just went there on a one year deal one year experiment if he survive Bill Belichick and came out with Bill Belichick. Having a high opinion of him I think his value not just New England. But across the League Elevates Greg I'll give you the final thought yeah I mean my final thought. Let me go to Marcella said I understand his his his point there about jerks them. What people need to understand is that yes? Jarret. Stidham might be. They're starting quarterback right now with competition with Brian. Where but that don't mistake that or belief that he is now a franchise quarterback in the number one reason. Is that the Patriots. Don't give anything to anybody. They don't annoy someone a franchise quarterback where they earned it on the field. Tom Brady Tom Brady barely beat out demon hewer cup in two thousand one and so if they didn't know if they didn't give Tom Brady anything and he went on to become the greatest quarterback ever they're not Gonna. They haven't unwanted hair stem. It's been it's been a whole bunch of issues starting with the pandemic space. They didn't like the quarterbacks in the draft and the quarterbacks they did like they didn't have enough ammunition to get them. This is just where they are. They WanNa see where he is. Ill sink or swim and two years from our next year. Patriots have a load of cap space and they can do whatever they want at the quarterback position. So it's not about Jarret Stidham. It's just about where they are. Thank.

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