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Another lancet comes out gets you this time. You're going to take twenty three points of piercing damage. They need another will save place. Your get invaded every time you get invaded every time. We'll somebody's going to the name of the game. I mean we art stuck down here at this. Yeah so while right but all of us. Except i'm gonna give you the pro tip before. But when adam says and you go through say no i stop and i checked the door and the surrounding area around the door before i take a single step i mean. That's that's what's irritating me. It's like our whole plan. Bright gal was like we check traffic with before we ever go. I'm just assuming we're doing that. And then it's like hit the key card you go. We didn't check traps like that's what we do in our summation now so if it makes you feel any better. The trap is not on the door itself. no no. we're talking about inside the room before any of us go in check for traps and then move in after the door. That's not exactly how it was laid out but all right the perception check. Let's get a perception check from. I believe it would be. Who's supposed to do the perception check on the first door. I mean fells right there at at once it opens so it makes sense that he would do a decent bonus too so To be a twenty four. You don't see anything you want to go ahead and roll one mike just for good measure. No i don't think he could. Or i'm not i'm not good at you know. Do i say anything with a thirty two before. I even roll roll. The dice amazed an active perception for checking for traps. Right forty forty holy crap name. Yeah he got the good is you. Do see the lancet a watch the fuck out and he pointed out i mean is it could be like engineer to try to prevent it or jamat or something. Just poke it You can try to throw it out there. Touched by if there's something in between that we can grab from the other room and hold it between you and where the thing shoots out from. You know it's coming it and then walked through once it's fired which would be an engineering check to successfully do that so well let me let me try to engineer. Shut down either way. Well that's natural to so all right so we all got to the same result. The same amount do need a will save but we had a chance right. It's it just makes me feel better to have tried Okay so it's twenty three damage. She said And a will save Okay that's not good Fourteen the wheelchair all right. But i feel ok seems sleep. I mean other than the leading that you have from the lancet like the bleeding effect like just the little bell the cut the cut that you got snowboarding find Okay so that being said it opens up into this small hallway. Ten feet guess that too small smallest about ten feet wide that sent into darkness. Yeah and and it's completely obscured by what looks to be a dark foggy curtain about halfway down the steps tech magic. Sorry gotta try. Yeah yeah there's definitely magic here. I don't know what kind of magic right it's just like s magic you It takes time to do that. Right like rounds not like a minute. Those minutes minutes make different curation his concentration up to one minute like i can Each round you concentrate on the same here. You can determine if one magic source detects from spell magic item or other effect And the caster level of of the effect. I can't imagine give sees me. I can determine if the magic sources in the area. Oh if they'd had expired. So yes so. I can really only tell like if it's a spell i can't determine what kind of like school or whatever it is you can't. That's not what i'm all right. I mean there's the there's definitely magic coming from the curtain of fog so it's a dark souls fog wall. That's what i was thinking. Exactly gonna wanted routed to a boss. We ain't wondering into I mean zeba would say voiced go in or do we want to check out this hatch. We know we can see where the hatch guys Question is this similar to in that other room where we encountered that entity. No okay so it's not the same kind of ship. Okay all right all right. Let's make sure make sure how How would like to try something just like. Just go ahead and spray an aerosol spray just around and there for laser use and while he's doing that i'm doing detect thoughts since the doors open You feel that your range stops immediately as it hits the carton. Yeah i mean. I'm just getting the vibe. That like there's. There's no way for us to dispel this fog. While we just going to have to step through canneries gives little villain monologue and then we start. Fight a coming. I'm looking real quick. Just x ray visor justice right before we commit to that option okay. It's just since through vision with a range of sixty feet Tell us that. The x ray..

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