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Draft. Memo says the organization will have to hand over tax returns to congress, unless President Trump asserts executive privilege, the Washington Post obtained a copy of the memo that appears to contract, the Trump administration's justification for not handing over Trump's tax returns despite a subpoena ordering them to do. So Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin candy wouldn't hand them over because there's no legislative purpose for demanding them findings of an independent investigation to a picture and Virginia. Governor Ralph northbound's nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook will be released today. The picture shows a man in black face in another in a KKK hooded robe, north initially apologized. But he later tonight, he was either person I eastern Virginia, medical school, enlisted. A former Virginia attorney general to find the truth about the photo and the practices surrounding your books at the school. I think I Wake County teenagers idea for the redesign of Ohio's. I voted sticker was a winner of a contest to replace the current sticker given the voters that's given voters when they leave the polls secretary of state Franklin ROY. Announced Emily leg of taste Valley High School had the winning design among three finalists. He'll be used in Ohio's elections through twenty twenty two unemployment in central Ohio's at levels, not seen since the nineteen ninety report released yesterday says jobless rate in the areas at two point seven percent that San from three point four percent of March. Employment numbers across the state showed improvement with all eighty eight counties. Reporting fewer people looking for a job. The last time the jobless rate was this low was in December nineteen ninety nine and twice in nineteen ninety eight I'm Scott Jennings. Next report at seven for breaking news weather alerts instantly follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news..

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