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The slugger and then and then fielding in cricket of course, only go behind the stumps. The wicketkeeper has gloves. Gloves. So when you're at the and you've got. So. Easily, the simple lock in the anthony they all the time. Yeah it was great. So much. Yeah. I love playing baseball softball slow pitch or whatever you call it. Because was a pretty easy thing for me to adapt to have. You ever played baseball though like hardball like no, I've never had someone throw the ball like. The top did that is that the Atlanta Braves Games here in batting cage? Yeah. Like put it at eighty miles an hour I'm going to build this. The BET doesn't even come off your shoulder in the Bulls had. All. Right. All right seventy. Let's do it at seventy. Little contact Danso bet like forty five. His love and. Finally getting it that's incredible event baseball just quick that bolcom's you can't even that you've got to basically swing. Polls even like. Coming here, machine worrying up and you gotta start this. Very scary. Okay. Yeah. So yeah I guess softball not making normal people really shaking. Run. That people underestimated that that I'd be able to play it I think. This I love this game and the and it's also easy full-tosses and full meds on hold on hold on. One thing was softball is you got to drink like piss beer after. That would have been your the worst thing for you. Yeah. Thanks. WELL BACK IN TORONTO. Alexander which is not too bad. The Good BALSA rubbish. Alexander Keys. I. Would thought about the beer in Solon. That's a good honest standard via. New everything being hot. On. Honesty integrity. And just you know it's not to knock your socks off but you're going to enjoy a few of those fees. It's not like I'm sick of that. He's now you can just enjoy them. They find that good good solid Viagra to knock your socks off but you might suck some Dinger's Alexander keiths. Off Player. There you go. Trade I'M NOT GONNA EAT SPICY FOOD We had lease speaking picking payoffs. Lee Eaten. Hot Peppers. And this man was. Like. Dry heaving. Not Draining everywhere gave me one of those peppers. The same thing is going to happen to me you know I know I'm going to dripping in sweat from eating anything that's a little bit spicy but I love it. I. Love It. I, love the pain of it because you know it's going to be brutal when it's happening right? You'RE GONNA hate it but it's going to be over it's going to be over in half an hour you're going to drink some milk and get on with your day have some Alexander keiths and you're all I'll always eat something that is dangerously spicy. I've I'll do it. I guess for whatever a banner of other people are doing to try. But I do like our buddies like you do it with our buddies like the crazy like wing parties and everybody tries to find the dumbest hottest sauce you can put on that's going to kill you. It's like I. Don't really get I don't get the Dow the joy of that I can't even taste the wing like my mouth is numb. Now it's like why is this fun but right? It's People like the punishment seal far. You can take it. I guess yeah and you're exactly right. It is almost pointless when the point of eating the food is like to barely even be. But you gotta know how audited that's the thing to meet people like, Oh, this is so hot. How hot is it? SCOVILLE. Ville. Schools. All right. Great questions guys, keep them coming no dunks at the. Real? Quick. You're you're honest. Dearly, is partly.

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