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Bob will start with you. Maybe you could help me understand why in the world Mitch McConnell would have done what he did yet. What? He why he did what he did yesterday. Hi, Bob. Thanks for Collins. Thank you, Mike. Well, I mean, for one. I'm not in the world to defend Mitch McConnell. But he's a politician and provide ready love being majority leader of the Senate and partly why he lost the majority leader's because those two senators, Republican senators lost in Georgia. And part of that reason is because of Donald J. Trump. I think that Mitch McConnell's angry about that and I think he's taking it out on Mr Trump. He's a politician. Yeah, but he's also taking it out on half the country who voted for Donald Trump. He's also punishing Republicans. Now he's going to punish the Republican Party that I'm not in the world to defend. God. God, I got China clock grumpy people, all right, but hang in there. Here's Alex. I'd like somebody to defend Mitch McConnell. And that's that's my specific request here. Defend what he said. I mean, you know, on the merits. Alex, You're up. How you doing, Alex? Hey, Mike. Hey. Nah, I just think Mitch McConnell has always maintained his his rhino. Uh, attitude. Towards anyone choose who's a basic conservative? Why isn't establishment politician? But again, J. Martin? I'm looking for calls to defend the merits of Mitch McConnell. In case you didn't hear it. Here was McConnell yesterday on the floor of the Senate, which to me is so shocking, so overwhelming. So such a betrayal. Hard to believe he even said it and I cut nine. I'm trying to understand it, but maybe you can. Here's McConnell The last time the Senate convened We're just reclaimed the capital from violent criminals. Tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. No, no Again. Let's talk about the marriage of that position as the president now faces up a name Peach Mint, which is going to totally It's gonna hurt this country. Forget forget the party. McConnell did a lot of damage to the party with that. But how about the country? How about the pain that this country is going to be dragged through now? As a result of what McConnell did has to be a reason for it. You got to give me some defense on the merits here. Spencer Spencer. Welcome to the Mike Gallagher Show. How you doing? Pretty good. I think it's kind of obvious the reason why he did what he did because he's a career politician, and he made a political move. I think with Pelosi and Schumer that way he wouldn't get cut out of some of the stuff is coming up that we can try toe. Regained some of his Guess you could say power, but it's not really power because he's dealing with the Democrat. I mean it basically just a turncoat, but he made a political that way would benefit him financially and Tell me, That's my opinion. Well might be I mean, I saw over the weekend, Peter Schweizer pointed out that Mitch McConnell's wife owns a shipping company, apparently which is kind of bizarre. I've not spent a lot of time in the weeds on that. But evidently she does. That is financed in part by the Chinese government. And maybe that's that's why I mean what What in the world do you suppose Motivated this stunning betrayal. Pete Europe Hey, Pete, thanks for calling. Mike. It's not a defense of McConnell it all Mike. It's becoming readily apparent that both parties are scared to death of Trump. Actually, they're more afraid of Trump when he leaves Washington than they were when he was in Washington. But it is great. I think there's great merit to that I That has to be that has to be if they they have just bound and determined to make sure that Trump can never run for office again, and they're afraid of the outcome if he does. We're going to see four years of a Biden administration and we're going to see what happens to this country and we're going to see economically what we face we're going to. We're going to see if the pandemic is solved. If we're going to get 100 million vaccines in his 1st 100 days, that will be the first test and all. It'll be interesting to see if he fulfills that promise. Huh? Listen, hope he does 100 million vaccines in his 1st 100 days would be a good thing. What is that by April, right? About three months and 10 days. Okay, we'll see if there's 100 million vaccines distributed. And if the Corona virus pandemic it's under control. Here's J. Thanks, Jay. I understand you'll you'll defend the merits of Mitch McConnell's decision. I'll defend the marriage of Mitch McConnell decision, but maybe for a different reason than you might think. OK, I Trump has a very good chance of winning the Republican primary in 2024. But I don't think he has a very good chance of winning the general election. So I think that you know, I think it's a calculation on the part of McConnell that you know somebody else needs to take the leadership Mantle. Of Donald Trump. Um and increase the chances that Republicans can actually win in 2024, isn't it? Isn't it fascinating to think that Mitch McConnell can presume if that's true, and it's zone. Interesting theory. It's good theory. Is it? You realize what you're saying? Mitch McConnell wants to remove the opportunity for voters to actually decide. Yeah, because I think ultimately, um Trump cannot win a general election. You guys, let's focus on what I just said. So you believe that Mitch McConnell Believes he can remove the decision from the voters. Don't let the voters decide. Mitch McConnell gets to decide that differently. I think that's what he's doing that Z pretty pretty pretty disgusting because the whole point was that the media can't decide on behalf of the American people who gets to be president. The meat don lemon doesn't get to make that decision. But you could be right could very well be right. Meanwhile, there's all kinds of stuff happening on Inauguration Day, including Don't worry, I won't make you suffer through it. But the national anthem was sung by none other than.

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