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Some pathology how early should be on so much. Much. I think usually. Somewhere between five and six. There are some parents that elect to start them a little bit earlier. And I think that's fine. As long as the blood test is done to see what the levels are because your body is hyper metabolic, and you're growing from a child to an adult. So your body's making cells in the most spectacular rate. I looked online to see what the average rate of cell division is, you know, how many cells are dividing every second just as a, you know, trivia comment, and I think the number was twenty nine with thirty zeroes after it. So twenty nine with thirty zero. I don't even know what that number would be divide every second when you're about fifteen. So when you get older, though, cells are not dividing in that number, and we see changes in all of our tissues because we're losing new cells, and we can't replace those. And as telomeres are snippet, you know, genetically we divide cells when we snip off the tips, the ends of our telomeres than we h faster as well. And of course, everybody knows if you smoke or drink too much alcohol, you do all the bad things. Then your body will age faster. Might offer suggestions one of your distinctions that you're an osteopathic physician. Yup. Explain to the public included. Jackie what osteopath osteopathic physicians and allopathic, MD physicians. Have the same exact licensed to practice in New York? It doesn't say Chris Calloway DO on my medical licenses says, Chris Kelsey, I'm licensed to practice medicine surgery. The state of New York, so every state has that when you like the idea of osteopathic medicine, which is the original holistic approach where doctors in this country, looking at the whole person, we're looking at underlying causes as opposed to trying to change or treat symptoms. We also invented the idea of using manipulation to help to correct dysfunction within your back in positioning, a rotation of your vertebrae. So there's a great deal of physical medicine and therapy that we do, and we learn, you know, even starting the first day of medical school. So for many osteopathic doctors we go into different types of residency. I'm going to medicine some going to practice some gun to Pedes OBGYN surgery, neurosurgery, Ortho. You can go into any residency you want because the entire country sees us both as equals we just have a little bit more of the knowledge in terms of hands on doing the manipulation. And we typically lean towards going into family medicine as opposed to going into surgical specialties. So if you look at all the deals in the country, they're the overwhelming number of deals the largest percent, go into family medicine, internal medicine has opposed to going into specially because we want to be more effective to more people in a variety of ways instead of becoming an ultra high specialized. Searchable field or even research. A lot of us. Don't really go into research because you know, our enjoyment is with patient interaction. You know day to day shaking your hand. Hi, how are you? Let's talk, you know. So I I always liked the idea. And that's why I went to osteopathic school. Hi, Dr Kalpana gift. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much once again, you've kind Burton always great to talk to you. Okay. Next. Caller, what eight hundred eight four eight WABC you can call in now. One eight hundred eighty eight nine to two Victor in freehold. How are you? Doc macaque say thank you very much for taking my call. Sure. I actually talked to you last week. It's me it gets me once again. Okay. Well, thank you for other cold. I got a question for you. I kinda horrify baby the other day 'cause I'm the one that has a chronic gastritis. Yeah. But also, I have I had dry and and dryness of the mouth. So right away. I you know, how we go on the computer. Yeah. For a lot of people. It's a dangerous thing because they think they have a hundred diseases that they probably don't have but dry dry mouth could be Shogren. It could be not immune mechanism. I imagine the gas tries for probably be slightly separate from that. Because the patients I've seen that have show grins when we test them don't necessarily have to have. The issues. With the stomach. Right. Right. I went to my primary physician day did a blood test. They did a shark grins anti called SS a essay Rohan. Yeah. Why nothing was like normal range. You know, it was normal. Does that specifically mean to I don't have it? Well, it means you're not showing antibodies for it. So not every disease when you present to the doctor, and he reviews your tests will be, you know, textbook opened the book. Here are all the normal blood tests, and they're all positive here all the symptoms and the role there. So the reason why for autoimmune disorders it takes a while to be able to. Make a diagnosis, and that could be a mess. You know, lupus rheumatoid variety of these things is because they don't show up with all the blood test positive anyone given point a person can have it, and it may take a while before those blood test markers or the auto immune markers are buddies start to show, and there are some people for example that have rheumatoid, but they're bloods negative. So the doctor obviously has to make his decision as always. Not based just on the blood test. But on the clinical presentation with the patient saying what they can see what they can feel they examine you. And of course, the testing I mean that holds true for a variety of different medical problems. And of course, lime disease is probably one of the most tricky because there are a lot of people have lime disease, but the blood test doesn't show it because the creature can be inside your cells and evade your antibodies. So. There has to be evaluated very very specific way. So what is there is there? Any other type, of course of adventure and done other causes for what the dryer the stomach. Dry and the dry mouth. Could be some people have issues with fillings near tea, or they have heavy metal exposure that can that can create the symptoms. Sometimes allergies will do that. Because your body is tired of trying to make some of those natural liquidity tears to help to flush away things that you might be allergic to. So there are a variety of other underlying causes and again for the stomach and kids would be food allergy it could be bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, etc. Did you take the carves out of your diet to try to improve your stomach? Yeah. Yeah. I start definitely last week. Checking the cars and start try take take the carbs, the grains completely out. And then let us know what happens. Thank you so much for your call. Okay. Phone lines are open if you'd like to call in do. So now, let's go to Perry in Brooklyn. How are you? Great. It's another Bopper knowing your air palm. Vitamin C. And all these other accounting. Rubies are not what a scam. Well, no, well, I just told you guys before and you could look this up online, and you can prove him to be wrong. He obviously clearly has no experience in doing any of this. And he clearly hasn't taken courses, you know, from the American college of advancement in medicine or the American. Academy of anti-aging medicine. The proceedings of the National Academy of sciences, you could write this down. The preceding of the National Academy of sciences has terrific study on intravenous vitamin c helping to selectively kill cancer cells. So you could look that up online. He obviously has the scene that because he doesn't get online to look at those things if you even look at intravenous vitamin c studies and you put that into scholar dot Google. Okay. Which is all the medical research exists. There are there are four hundred nine thousand results of studies on high dose vitamin C IV coming from facilities all over the world. Now, I don't understand how a person who. And this is a doctor is actually a doctor. No because it's not fair. Home on the radio gone all the stages. Yeah. I mean, I still don't know who that is. And I don't know what his his experience or his training is. But you know, you anybody else can go to scholar dot Google dot com and just plugging introverted intravenous vitamin c and you'll see four hundred thousand nine results new insights to vitamin c from college review of high dose vitamin seen travec as an anticancer agent. You know, four hundred thousand four hundred thousand it's not something that well, maybe. Linus Pauling who had two unshared Nobel prizes was one of the most brilliant men of our time and certainly of all time, and he was a huge proponent of vitamin c he and you and Cameron started doing vitamin c research years and years ago, probably forty fifty sixty years ago. But you have to look at this information. And this is not just you know somewhere. Forgive me for people that might live in Timbuktu someone in Timbuktu said. Yeah, vitamin C is good. There are studies from the national health studies from the preceding the National Academy sciences. So, you know, I think realistically you have to look at a large body of information instead of just a small amount of information. This. Dr obviously does not do nutritional medicine. A cancer doctor or no. Can I bit therapy uses radio thirty while? Yeah. That's because he wants people to come in and spend twenty to thirty or forty thousand dollars on his treatment. So I I know who you're talking about. But he's the one anything to get into way of his radiotherapy. And poor pines never ever ever seen any of a work. It's not all I can tell you you can go and look at four hundred nine thousand articles studies four nine thousand. So he's protecting his ability to charge more money for treatment. So that's basically it. That's my opinion, you know, but I can show you and you could look online go online now, go to scholar dot Google dot com. And look at those studies on intravenous vitamin c. Nine thousand articles. I'm not gonna continue to go on and talk about what he says. He doesn't say you could read the info and make your mind up on your own. There are a lot of doctors that are traditional doctors who don't believe in anything beyond what they do. And in many cases, I think it's just wrong like the doctors who prescribed weight loss pills like doctors who might use drugs that have bad side effects. So, you know, I just believe in being dramatically safer. I believe in getting results. So and that individual doesn't have stage four cancer patients still alive after years after years as does Dr foresight than I've seen it. Years ago when I went to his first course there were seven hundred people that had spectacular survival with stage, four cancer, and he used a variety of things, including a blood test sent out to Greece to look at. What has the most effect on killing the cancer vitamin C IV's three times a week? And then the intravenous twice a week with a little bit of insulin to lower the blood sugar opened up cancer cells and put an either vitamins some of the lowest dose of chemo. It's called instantly temptation therapy. And he's got the greatest cancer results in the world. So no one's better than Forsyth. Okay. Let's go to our next caller. Let's go to Gerald in Cleveland. Hi, how are you? Great. Yeah. I'm looking in my catalog about vitamin d. Doctorate one Packers track. Fifteen thousand dollars once. Sure. Would probably be allowed to take at once. I mean, most of our patients when we check their blood and even ones who are low in vitamin c we give them five thousand units and reject him to make sure they're in the right ranges, obviously, it's d three. Okay. So ideally, you know, the vitamin d three is the one you want to have, you know, in your body at good levels throughout the course of the entire day. So that's why we'll test will put people on recommendations and retested adjust accordingly because some big studies in Europe that have been running for twelve years or more talk about vitamin d decreasing the risk of cancers by a great deal by seventy seven percent. So for me three. Three d three's. The best..

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