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I think I consider it to be the best episode of the series. Maybe one of the best episodes of television ever as Amanda about all the things that a great king built reduced to sand. That's what the show is about. It's about the tragedy of obsession and work in the early going better call Saul. We joked about how Walter white cooking meth was more interesting fundamentally than Kim Wexler doing doc review. But all of these people are obsessed and consumed by the minutia of their work. That's where they choose to vote their energy in their time in. That's where they actually find solace when the rest of their lives are breaking down. And so to see every inch of effort put into these enterprises that are like most professional enterprises dust at the end and what did they really get out of it that we know Mike is spending all of his days in nights, babysitting, Randy, miserable, claustrophobic Germans to build something that is going to be destroyed. All of this to make money that is going to be lost is incredibly human, tragic and intense. And when you think about it that way, I only wish that the show had the real. Estate or the interest in giving a character like Mike, for example, who is the co lead of the show those moments of those rungs on the ladder because Mike had that incredible episode early on that I broke my boy episode. We really understood who he was, but since then he's Mike and it's super fun to watch. Mike, just regulate and now speak German apparently, and be able to literally accomplish anything in an impressive way without ever walking more than ever increasing is RPM's. He meanders around this world, but he's, it's not just that we know he's, he's gonna survive, better call Saul is that he's already who he is. And I kind of wish we could see him slipping down the rungs a little bit more as he becomes more and more embroiled in Gus rings empire and his devotion to these things. They sense. That makes sense because a lot, certainly all that attention is going to to Jimmy and you know, maybe this is the way I'm watching the show, but it seems like that dies been cast now. Yeah. So the ten. One of the show of surrounds, Kim, and luckily they have, I think someone giving the best performance on television in the role of Kim racy horn. Where do we land on her name? Is it rearrange? I think it's raid based on a her responding to people in Twitter, asking, how do you pronounce your name while it's that's the source you're going with that you don't think that's fake news. Alexa. Fogel are pronunciation ombudsmen I believe says it's raise well, yeah, I, I still don't know if I can quite articulate what's what's really amazing about this performance her and Michael Mando or the two people that I think are really popping and not surprisingly, there's the two new people show whose fates are unknown and I, it's it's the amount of internalization that she has to do because she's not with the exception of that like explosion of against Howard earlier in the season. She's doing so much basically silent face acting mercy's in a meeting with Mesa Verde, but her mind is wandering towards setting up this elaborate con to get h- you'll often, you know, and I, there's something about how she is processing. Maybe it's because Jimi was already a conman and knew that this is basically his baseline personality, and it's really when he's not being a con man. That's. Con she is alternately like a very good person and a very diligent worker and a good lawyer, and she is actually fighting away a demon. You know, she is actually got this thing that's like telling her like you feel alive when you're out working without a safety net on a on a wire. And that's watching someone process that which is a very relatable human thing to be putting yourself. Basically, danger has been remarkable. She, I mean, she is the Walter white of the show more than Jimmy McCulloch, much more concise way of saying, absolutely, in the sense that would she is on so far is kind of a elevator of morality as opposed to down escalating and that alone makes it more nuanced..

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