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It's very clear way about the line here. This'll so many things. I won't say I will love you love you. I would never leave you. Sometimes. I just spoke it. See things on my regret. It breaks my heart to see you cry. Nobody. Lucy. I could never make it. Fight. I'll be angry. Again. Miss Tandy helping Always on your side. Me e have a D never make it. Fight. Maybe you didn't meet No. Just take your godson. Oh, boy. Come together. Wait. Wait. Wait. Because, you know, I'm all about that bass bout that bass. No trouble. I'm all about that bass by database now. Travel Haman Bada bing. Bada Bing. No trouble. Tamala Bada Bing Bada. Thanks. Yeah, It's pretty clear. I don't know. But I can't shake it. Shake it like I'm supposed to do because I got that boom boom that all the board shapes all right junk and all the right places I see a magazine. Working that bottle way notice anywhere. Come on, now. Make it stop. If you got beauty ability. Just raise them up. Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top of my mama. Shit. Don't worry about it. She says, boys like a little. Nobody holding no stake yourself. Come on. That's what showman's morning. Go ahead. Because, you know I'm all about that bass bout that bass. No treble. I'm all about that bass, but database. No trouble, huh? Malan, Bada bing. Bada Bing. No trouble, Hamal a bird a bit about that. Maybe..

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