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In this episode of the advanced selling podcast shared uncomfortable. Wrong word story producer Travis impresses us with his new listener nameplate, and we surprise a listener in Australia with an impromptu coaching session for a very special reason. Back to the advanced selling podcast. I'm one of your host Bill Caskey on the other hosts, Brian Neal, and we are the longest running sales, training and development and fund podcast. I always we always imply that if you want to listen to get a little goodies. And also, you have low funds. So we don't know people. I got I was on a call with someone who's a big fan of our someone. I'm talking about doing some work with and people start at the beginning. She said I've started out two thousand six and I'm working my way up which that's very. Benham kinda like like hurry along. It's better. I think we've gotten better over thirteen years. Yeah. I don't know. What year does she catch up? Exactly when you record something on on net flair on on the DVR. And then you start at twenty minutes later at some point catches. Yeah. We're we're very grateful for all of our fans and tribes and every time we're out we get really good comment. So thanks for listening. We've got a special guest today, and we're going to get to that in just a gift because we have been doing male end and co video mailbag where every episode we take a question that you have from the audience and today, we're doing a little bit more than a question. We are. It's going to be well, we'll let the cat out of the we'd probably can't say that more say say, we'll let the cat out of its little letting the cat out of the bag. That's kind of well, why was the cat in the bag for? Podcast before we get rolling with our special guests in why I promised one of my clients that just went into the live deal with it. I'd mentioned him in the podcast because their listeners. Okay. But it's not for necessarily good reason. So this person was actually in front of the room presenting before I got there. And he's a great guy wonderful salesperson really really fun person and good sales guy and all that jazz. It's all he's talking to a sales team there's twenty people or so in the replaces Boston VP of sales and he's just flying. You know, how you fly through a presentation he's going to do. And so he's talking about this data being kept somewhere, and or something like that. And so he says, well, all of this all this information. We've got to put it in the suppository because we don't have time for editor. And he said now little next sentence. He goes now, the I don't know if the suppositories big enough, and is that the right, we're suppose, and I'm looking around as soon as he said it I'm going did. He just. And I'm looking at you know, you scan the room to see did anyone else hear what I just heard? And then was like, no, nobody I think you meant depository there and the size of the suppository. So I dunno if he's got something going on his life. Did everybody else notice it? Yes. Everyone was scared to same thing, which I thought was really really really funny. Everything slows down. Well, what they also interesting was when you know once you get going with that. And you've passed the point where you realize now, you said something that's not so hot that you're in trouble now. So yeah. All right. So special yesterday, we have a gentleman by the name of Brad chips well on and we're going to go to him right now. And we're going to tell him why he's on he has no clue why ambush from the advanced selling podcast. Okay. Another BC. Good morning Brad Howe. I Bill Caskey here alongside Brian Neal. Hey, what's up man get off? And they don't get money up in early on a Saturday morning. Are you? Yes. I am. Thanks for that. Yeah. At the time. Yeah. We will tell us to get you out of bed early on the weekend. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, ignorantly thought that it was you as the old Tom for me. And then Charles confirmed nine out US, Tom. Yeah. Visit there. How quote Sam which isn't so bad. It's not horrible. Saturday morning. Get an easy night out last night. I'm sure right. Getting into this could well, do you know why we by the way, we're live now? So do you know why we wanted to set up a coaching call with you know, one hundred percent show on thrilled. But yeah, not one hundred percent show diva. Guess is it a membership thing? All the linked in Gert. It's the Lincoln grew up. Do you know what number you were on the Lincoln group? A listener for the last six months and most I retro listening. So I'm listening to you know, the ten year old ones. You know that you'll flexing on the ten thousand number. You are number. We use it as well. You are ten thousand ten thousand member in the Lincoln group. And we thought you know, what we that's a big deal. We have to do something special for the ten thousand th member. So Travis has been watching the sabers. So we did waiting for the person. So we made a really fancy sign with your name on it here studio. We'll send you a picture text. I'll Tech's to you. Yeah. It's just fantastic. But we're really thrilled one year listener to that you are in the the link podcast linked in group and to be the ten thousand th member that means a lot to us. So we wanted to give some things back to you and the rest of our listeners. So we thought, hey, let's do a little coaching call with their ten thousand Lincoln member Brad says, well, yeah. So. Okay. So here we go. Why don't you give us a minute on what you do who you are where you live in Australia. And then we'll get into some things that I think Travis might have said that bring a couple of questions, and we'll be glad to answer them a coach. So why don't you start and give us a little riff on who Bradshaw as well as well. I'm from Australia, leaving the headlight heels at the moment and of Bainian sows for about six years started off in Qasr and the moment, I mean, custom cabinet trait and. The reason I listen to you guys actually a put myself out there and not too many people. At least thing he's I'm looking where they're not. Not anybody related to me anyway. But I'm looking at my finger switch eventually to from businesses can Shema because that's what I mean to business to business which addictive that you put costs Mercer related to so already want to stop flexing on that and letting a bad at the differences and everything like that. And that's what's got me there. And you know, I think like everybody would have. Subscribe to about ten but of not Malone, and I'm just egos because I'll find you really entertaining to listen to make you may in a nutshell. Okay. I love it. It's very good. First of all a good. Thanks for the the vulnerability there to share with you that you making a switch. I like the switch. It's nothing against beat a. But I think there's a I think you'll find when you move over to the B two B world, which may be why you're doing it is there's just I think it's actually it's a bit more complicated in a way on the deal structuring in the numbers, get bigger, the impact gets broader. And that sort of thing, I think it's a really it's great for those who sell to individuals that's important. You'll just be to be can be really fun. You can get some really good big impactful deal. So congrats to you for that. So. So maybe one of the things we want to talk about today is is they met you don't know yet where you're going to go. You just know that you're going to go exactly I've caught some a few industries that I'm interested in. All right, nothing to jet. So maybe what we do is talk a little bit about preparation what you can do in the next month or two to get ready. So that when you start to interview and the resume goes out, and you start to have conversations you'll be more setup and well scripted and ready to go. So do Brian you want to go? Let's do that. That's question one. Anyway, look, you there why you didn't even submit them. See, and you know, real, and I talk about this a lot on the podcast that we don't do much prep on purpose. We went to to be, you know, on the fly this is on the fly. So the so these are a lot of top of mind dancers here. So the first thing we always start with this with the thinking right with the philosophy. What's in your head, heart and soul? And one thing. I want you to sometimes I've seen people that wanna make this switch, and I've seen it happen. A lot from beat ac- to be to be as they feel like because they've quote unquote, never done beat to be that they're behind or they're not ready or for however that shows up for you. And so what I'm going to tell you. I is your all ready. Good. You're already ready. Let yourself be ready. Okay. Because a lot of people that do this. They go in like kind of a little bit back in a little dead on arrival thinking, you know, I've never done B two B sales. So I don't know I've never done to be sales. So I'm I'm a disadvantage of no disadvantage whatsoever. I would actually argue that you have an advantage. Age because I personally think selling to consumers is way harder than selling to be to be sales from the sales standpoint. If that makes sense trying to deal with a husband and a wife pick out cabinets. Are you kidding me? Like, no, thank you. I'll go swim with great whites. See through that little great whites. And that was great writes good. Yeah. Down. That's trillion joke. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that's the first thing you're already good. You're not at a disadvantage, and you're ready to go. There's there's you're just ready. Okay. Mentally, you're ready to go. That's my first one Bill. Yeah. Okay. Something. No. I think that's a good mindset shift or something to be aware of the second thing. I would say is that when when interviewing and I we don't do a lot of interviewing consulting hair because most of our work is done with existing sales teams. But I will tell you that as you start to interview and put yourself out there in the market and start to have discussions, make sure that you have the mindset of how am I going to help this company versus a lot of times people move into that with well what's the benefit package and one of the perks. And you know, how am I going to be taken care of and you, and you know, I know most Australians are not that way. They're very independent there. You know, the rugged individualism. I know you guys all believe in that. But I think sometimes it can it can be tricky. Because really what you're doing. Is. You're asking that. You're the person the question not directly. But in in a way is m I going to be able to help you build your business. And secondarily, are you going to help me make money, and that doesn't take total back seat? But it's in the passenger seat next to the main question, which is tell me a little bit about what you're trying to accomplish in the business. What role

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