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And mock it. That's what you do. yeah. I don't smell like we. What what are you talking about so weird. And we were talking about spooky movies right before. Alexis watched hereditary yesterday afternoon. Great scary movie Perfect timing for that. Halloween kills is out this friday in theaters and on its paramount. Plus peacock picot beka. So you can go check that out. That is the first of two sequels in the reboot. So i'm excited. I like the other halloween that they did and that movie that you just talk about. Halloween kills was actually filmed around eastern north carolina area. Yeah they filmed these next two movies at the same time. It's got kyle richards. Inter from real housewives beverly hills and jamie lee curtis's back so i'm excited about this one and it's going to be so that is what's trending jimmy. Watch that yeah good. They're good they're. I've never seen any of the halloween movies. Do i need to start from the beginning. No this is like you can just start basically with this last you really. I've never seen. He didn't like scary movies. Tj's scary movie fan. Unless it's a real like a a person that's going around killing people and stuff a thriller things like that not not horror movies. I'm not a horror movie fan. All right. there is Something that i know. We've been talking about this funeral that we went to In louisiana but there was something that that came from that funeral that i think was really cool. And i'm thinking that a lot of people have this With someone that they are very close to now reagan's will probably say this is a redneck thing That came out of this Situated everything we've told him about the celebration of life of our first boss friend and mentor and radio. He's scoffed. At as if it's redneck. But i don't think this will be any different coming up next as tj show. We have a very special new member of the ace and tj radio family now. it's joshua's farmers market in mooresville. And you're looking for the very best in fresh produce and all kinds of other stuff. It's josh's farmers market one. Seventy jovi knox avenue mooresville by the. Why the new ace. Tj five g. insider. Newsletter is now sponsored by georgia beverage at ace. Tj dot com slash beverage looking for custom-designed brewery equipment go to tj dot com slash beverage..

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