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The Bahamas they will needs twenty four hours a day on average take took on Twitter by more than twenty seven hundred Janice sometime this symbol the one hundred and twenty countries I'm Liane Karen's this is playing but Caroline thank you so much Sir Leon I'm thank you for updating us about the death of of of it Mike Ave and I got she spoke to the current Zimbabwean president which is M. some on a gondola at just this week a month credit my P. by colleague of mine a scrawny for doing the interview of course he was a fifty year ally of Mugabe and I think that's going to be a little said about the controversial legacy from Robert Mugabe so absolutely if you know Amazon mom and got quiet nicknamed the crocodile Fulton that seventies the liberation war with Robert Mugabe also a controversial figure he sounded very upbeat in the interview that he did with pretty vexing relations with the US and the western world is definitely improving bass we know it's the same government symbol we are still suffering the same economic and political issues that have plagued the country for decades and many people think because it is the same generation in charge these forty maturing of the the war that server what's about way to independence in the end against the you deny the people want to take a power in the seventies and. you will feel it's not time to give that up yet they they feel they earned in many ways I think the power that they have six can be really difficult and I think for some but we going forward but also you know we should not the passing of of gigantic figure in Africa I mean someone who was absolutely I clinic and most respected hugely for many many years in fact famously.

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