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Safer today. I don't think so. She fears another attack, not from someone crossing the border. Instead, she worries about a mass murder like the one at a Walmart. Now Paso carried out by a homegrown killer from Texas, which is One of the states you consider to be most Americans. Well, all eyes were on the border. The danger within was growing, according to Homeland Security, the biggest threat to the US now is from domestic terrorists. I'm Angela coach Jurgen Paso. This story is a collaboration between Katie EP Radio and The Dallas Morning News at Texas Standard dot org will have a link to an expanded version of the story and photos available at Dallas news dot com. Mm hmm. Your friends, Social media editor. Whilst Dunbar is watching what Texans are talking about online wells, welcome, Laura. Good to be with you and echoing some of what we heard at the top of the show issues around education, teacher shortages and inconsistency over mask mandates. Top of mind for many of our friends and listeners, Amy Farris says that her school in the central Texas City of Bass drop just lost a teacher to Cove in Jess. Yeah, she asked how many people have to die for people to get vaccinated and wear masks, she says. She goes on to say, Do I blame the governor? Yes, but also blamed those who resist and asks again. When will our school board to be brave enough to implement a mask? Mandate? Cave in or it says she's thinking about those people who refused to get the vaccine? Why on earth would they put themselves and others at risk? And, indeed, over the weekend of The New York Times reporting that the U. S. Is falling to the lowest vaccination rates of the world's wealthiest democracies with Japan edging out the 62% mark of people who have been at least partially vaccinated against Covid 19 here in the United States. Just one story we're watching today, you know, you mentioned it at the top of the program, Laura. We're keeping a close eye on the situation in the Gulf and the weather down there already hearing some concerns from our friends and listeners. I'll be back.

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