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The city planning board of new york has approved the site planned foray propose legoland amusement park who timesherald record of middletown reports that they'd go should new york planning board voted six two nothing in favor of the 500milliondollar project on thursday completing a seventeen must review opponents of the park of called for a referee of all the sale of several small parcels of land from the town to developers out officials though are fighting that referendum they say even if voters were to block the sale the park would still be built under the modified plan mark developers say they're hoping to open in 2019 buying new report nor did state senator was stripped of his committee assignments friday because of ongoing were workplaces used days after senate colleague said she's been inappropriately touched by at least one member of the chamber senate president peter courtney took the action against republican senator jeff crews displinary discipline courtney described as unprecedented this is town hall by com remember the alamo corresponded jeremy house reports the new texas battle is brewing over how best to do so land commissioner george p bush is overseeing a four hundred fifty million dollar revamp of the shrine were one hundred eighty nine texas independence fighters were killed by mexican general santa anna's troops in 1830 six that includes the excavation and restoration of historical structures closing nearby streets and building a new museum some conservatives worry that the importance of the battle of the alamo will be marginalized by political correctness with less desirable aspects of participants history sanitize the clash comes as confederate monuments have been released moves to cross the country jeremy house reporting justin verlander wholesale to they have help the houston astros force a game 7 of the lcs relented pitch seven a shutout innings and al tubay drove in three runs as the after his beat the aggie seventoone friday to tie the series three games apiece game 7 saturday night in houston more these stores at donald i come up patrick cross thirteen any theater weather partly cloudy and mild tonight slow sixteen sunny breezy and warm for saturday.

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