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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly more protests are expected today in San Juan to try to pressure Porter Rico's governor to resign recorder were sale says he won't step down though he promises not to seek reelection Hong Kong's leader is promising a thorough investigation after pro democracy demonstrators were attacked last night inside a subway station is NPR's Julie McCarthy protesters had just stepped from the train on their way home late last night with a group of men dressed in white tee shirts opposite of the protesters signature black tee shirts attacks here's what it sounded like as they were pummeling and kicking these pro democracy protesters at least forty five people were injured the demonstrators were attacked following a large March the end of a Lacy peas annual convention is underway in Detroit Quinn Klinefelter with member station W. D. E. T. reports the end of a lazy piece as talking to the ten thousand people attending the convention is like reaching out to black voters in general house speaker Nancy Pelosi will address the convention and most of the leading democratic candidates for the White House will participate in a forum just a week before the party holds its next presidential debate in Detroit president trump says he also wanted to be there but was prevented by scheduling conflicts and a reluctance to take part in a question and answer session this is NPR news from Washington the head of the international atomic energy agency has died you key are mono was seventy two years old a cause of death for the former Japanese diplomat was not released a mono led the UN's nuclear watchdog for the past decade Japanese prime minister Shinzo Ave is on pace to become the country's longest serving prime minister after winning reelection over the weekend as Abigail Leonard reports from Tokyo Iran will be high on our base agenda this week in talks with president trump's national security adviser all they ran on a platform of what he called a stable foundation in politics citing his handling of the economy and good relationship with president trump that message was enough to keep him in power but not enough to get his party the two thirds supermajority it needed to revise the pacifist constitution the first major foreign policy issue all they will confront in his new term is a request by US national security adviser John Bolton for help containing a run Bolton is visiting Japan this week and is expected to ask Japan to help the U. S. safeguard middle the shipping lanes but all they said at a news conference today the Japan wants to try to reduce tensions between the US and Iran before agreeing to send its navy for NPR news I'm Abigail Leonard in Tokyo a bombing outside a hotel near the airport in Somalia's capital today has killed at least seven people the al Qaeda linked militant group al Shabab is claiming responsibility I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington I'm Richard hake on WNYC in New York Robert Morgenthau Manhattan's long serving district attorney has died at the age of ninety nine when he retired in two thousand nine he told WNYC his office did make mistakes including the wrongful convictions of the so called Central Park five that revelation came after a man in my T. S. ray S. later admitted to the rape and attempted murder of a female jogger but when the DNA evidence showed that in fact he was the rapist we brought him down and we we had a very a very careful study because we you know within one America the second mistake animals in incontrovertible dorm Morgenthau's tenure violent crime dropped dramatically in Manhattan he took on many high profile cases against monsters and white criminals.

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