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Good for him. All dizzy. You say seventy five. Okay. Steve seventy nine a right on Martina Navratilova DJ. Do you know who that is? Nope. Hall of fame tennis player. No. Should I? Yes. You should probably should know. Hurry up all the sheep fifty one. She's older. Now, she's a close personal frosted. Hartman at sixty one you're one off. She was yesterday actually sixty two Steve you're red hot. It has happy birthday to an Olympic. Medal winner. Gold medal skier who trained out here at buck hill who dated Tiger Woods. You know, what I'm talking about DJ Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn. She has a birthday and she is thirty two today in Olympic gold medal skier in Burnsville. Minnesota training on buck hill, which you drive by Dr thirty five W, south my hometown. Currently she is thirty six all due date says she was I was so stunning new somebody. How old are you? How do you think? Steve thirty thirty eight thirty four's, right, boom. You haven't missed one yet. No. I haven't DJ hitman Hearns hitman Thomas Hearns your boxing guide. No. Well, it's Thomas earns his birthday. He's in the International Boxing hall of fame Seventy-three younger net. Say sixty two. On your really, close sixty three. Steve is another winner sixty. You're right. Unbelievable. Hey, fellas. Happy birthday to to do. You have can you play DJ over there on this new system? Okay. We had a special song for somebody here this morning. And I don't have an I don't have it over here in your birthdays holder. I don't even know where that is..

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