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Yet. He hasn't made an appearance. But i am extremely pot like like. I have no doubts. That makino's is going to be the best defender on our team. You know. I mean just with his ability to make incredible long ball passes you know the defense that he brings in leadership like. I've said already. It's it's all inc absolutely incredible. What marquee knows does. And he's going to be number one centreback after that. You got some very solid pairings for him which obviously first off you got compelling bay who hasn't looked great in the first three games i do have to say like he's had moments but he's also made a few mistakes He needs to you know. Clear that up if he wants to maintain that number two spot because there is someone coming and his name is sergio ramos and of course he's injured right now. I think it said he was out for like a month in. It's already been like a week and a half or two weeks so you could be getting sergio rommel's back pretty soon. I think it's september that they said. And i mean that's going to be extremely exciting to see that him matched with With marquee and play on the same field as leonal messy one of his biggest rivals you know and then you talk about those fullbacks. I mean i feel like this is the best fullback position in has been as ever been nps. Gee i've been saying that about trafficking. That is an incredible player in three games. He already has a goal and an assist the season. it's just his ability to affect the game offensively is. It's it's incredible. I don't really know how else to say. I mean the guy is that good. I mean his passing his ability to make smart runs his pace and of course his finishing ability. It's all top tier in so having him at that right back position. I've been saying i don't know every single right back that has ever played for. Ps gee i do. Not but i will go down to say that hakimi will be the very best of all them to ever play here. I will say that. Because i mean. Hopefully he's here for at least three seasons four seasons. You know that'd be great so we can build that legacy here when a couple of champions league with us. But i truly believe that our team is going to be that good and then of course you know we need to see burden back out there. He's he's injured at the moment but they haven't going with yalo career as options in that in that Back line in they've been all right. I i've actually liked what i've seen from the at times. He had a very solid Assist to cardi who had Who has to go so far. But unfortunately hurt his collarbone and won't be in the team for about three to four weeks which kind of leaves a gap in that nine spot. I mean what you got Window who is solid. But i mean he's way too young. You're not going to entrust the number nine spot in him. You're probably looking at. You can have like the mighty on the right name or on the left or you know or you can have name on the middle with messy on the left's you can switch those guys wherever you want. They're going to be solid so the that seems like an opportunity. Then you kind of lose a little bit of size in that number nine spot. Something that i feel moist would have been great for but of course he stayed at everton. Not getting. that loan really hurts hurts us because we don't have a true number nine behind ekori so it kind of shows how important he's gonna be this season but let's see bobby can handle it. Let's see if he can make you know those great runs and and time it with messier. Neymars passes those through ball passes that they have and let's see if he can do it. I mean he certainly got the speed to get by pretty much anybody. And he's got the finishing ability. So listen saving combined. Those two to become one of the best strikers swirl as ever seen me he's got that potential guys you you already know it so you know looking at that midfield. Now you know you got. Marco variety already talked about him. Idrissa gana gay. You got options from ender harada. You got why now them. Of course drexler can play their ada. i feel like pablo sarabia can play a bit there as well but you also got an feeding high if you need some minutes there and you got a pretty solid group. They're the complete midfield. You know starting with y now them variety gay. I absolutely love those options there. I think it was Bananas injured let me see. Let me look that up. Real quick leandro. Betty izzy stolen the team. He is still in the team so he just hasn't played yet. And that's another midfielder. That would be absolutely incredible on this team. I mean to be able to play solid defense. Start the break start the counter attack and and just be an absolute anchor on the defensive end. I feel like most of our midfielders can handle that kind of responsibility from berar. T- gay wine album but asia's all four. Those guys i feel can handle that kind of position but the only thing. I wouldn't want to have just one there. I'd like having like a to like center. Midfielder formation were. You know you have messy and berar t messy. You know the the fantastic four over there doing their thing on the attack in you know the needs to go up to be like a little help. He can do. So but for the most part those guys are going back and helping out on the counter attacks. And that's the way i like it and you can fit a lot of different guys in that spot and you'll be very so you don't have to worry about an injury here because in the end you have enough enough depth to really get you through at least a few weeks or months of you know someone being out if it's needed and like i said pablo's rob you know he's used more as a forward i feel like he can also come back a bit in you know be used as a as a midfielder. I feel like that's a very strong spot for him. And then of course i mean i really don't have to talk about it but then when you talk about the attack position it's like i said the best that you'll ever see ever you know with messi neymar imbaba you know combination of d. mighty cardi yellow. You can do with keeney coming up like it's just water you gonna do to truly stop this this offense i just. I really don't know what can be done. And it's going to be very exciting to see how they perform in the champions league. That's we're going to be looking at the most can this team dominate. The champions league in new play well throughout the entire season the already lost one trophy against lil in the. What was it the trophies this champs i think you know where they it it's already you know one trophy miss. They're not the best start. But they are undefeated sephora illegal and haven't even had their full complimentary player so this is looking like a revamp para central mancini team in you know when we talk about their chances of competing not legal because i mean if anybody's expecting..

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