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It's seven. Twelve at ks are Steve Reuters here from Merrill Lynch? In Santa Rosa, anything in particular we ought to be paying attention, to. This, week Steve well we'll continue to get a lot. Of earnings reports we did get earnings. Out of Caterpillar the stock. Was higher early actually just turn negative here on the day market kind of mixed in on the quiet side oil back above seventy. Dollars a barrel, and with that the energy group, is trading higher but the Dow's off five points right now Twenty, five. Thousand, four forty five NASDAQ down fifty seven points at. Seventy six hundred eighty bond market often. Eighth of a point and. Gold right at the unchanged Mark at twelve hundred thirty three dollars I'm super bitter at Merrill Lynch for k. SRO financial news at. Twelve and forty, two mornings on ks SRO now, with a casserole sports update here's Larry Olsen Giants voided sweeping beat, the brew crew BUSTER Posey's four for five highlighting of four, run third, inning. With a three run double eight five the final four game losing streak jet slipped to six. Games back in the final wildcard spot Andrew soya's. Gets his fourth win of, the, season, Will Smith get Juliana Save giants in. San Diego tonight seven ten started gets Padres. As come back to earth bits swept over, the weekend, in Colorado three to Oakland drops the finale to the Rockies Davidson Chapman homers in the laws as two games back or the second wildcard spot in the. American League he's back home knows the Blue Jays tonight Chipper, Jones Vladimir Guerrero Jim Thome Trevor Hoffman Jack Morrison, Alan Trammell all inducted into the baseball hall of fame, yesterday in, Cooperstown. Tomas wins the tour false first person ever from Wales to capture cycling's biggest race NASCAR cow. Bush takes the checkered flag at the gander outdoors. Four hundred Pocono raceway You can't change. The whole world but you could be part. Of the change in the world for a, child living, in poverty by becoming a compassionate international child sponsor you can't use the child to sponsor now compassion dot com slash radio that's compassion dot com slash radio. I'm Larry also sports thirteen and forty-three past the hour mornings, on ks all road Seven fifteen ks Harrow I think I have it figured out Tom yes yeah well you know we. We need to a little bit of time. Away from all. Of this, discussion about fires right. Yeah and. I think we can just make this at ten thirty this morning paddle board yoga At the Waller bridge in Healdsburg oh my goodness now, standing? On. A paddle board is one thing.

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