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Wasn't too crazy and the women's division used to be top tier now sitting here. Going cameron grinds defeats joe. Gay see joe casey We won't gimmick. I didn't talk dirty to. yeah i i think. There was a outcry of social media. Fucking warriors they get out of here. I thought it was at least creative. I would've never thought of something like that. I don't know but Apparently why don't you just make fucking joe gave see just the bad assets. He's been fucking indies. because they don't wanna give him the. You don't want to give them that. Could that gimmick they wanna get someone else so. He's forced to do something. But i i give them credit out of the box because as like a controversial gimmick. But if you're gonna do it go all the way. Don't fucking canceled already. I don't know. I just find it. Stupid electric lopez defeats and ashir. Don't know who either of those women lopez part of sascha on legal right and of course Be fab came out. She's horrible corrigo. I'm telling you is worse than jada. Cargo jet cargo sorry. Odyssey jones beets To schmaltz and a all one after the match andre chase comes out. The only thing impresses that horrible names on crazy. It's it's it's like what did i say it's a game. You play on the wrestling game. Those fee what's that game. You played Res- arrested the racing. Fucking universe fucking games and shit like what's when you played that was really like detailed a forgot but it reminds me of that shit all the random names which i it's just it's just I'm i'm gutted bro annexed officially like don is an angel made a good representation ancient that angel. Awa he mentioned this reminds me of ec w from two thousand nine does and the fucking new random this is like w we know the names are like fucking wrestling revolution wrestling picture angel again because he said that angst biggest full which my opinion is once it went to. The usa died for me. Yeah i to the network lost flavor and they didn't do shit forever because i don't want this shit. I missed what annexed. He was the cool underground show. You that you have to get the network to watch. I miss more nao beyond commentary. I'm excuse not the same anymore. And x t is just not not as zane. I don't i don't want to shit. I'm full sail. They're gonna be like this yo that showed us on tnt. I want that. I want you to do a show varying. Yeah so The only was cool. Was that fucking odyssey. Jones had the gimmick chair. He broke it these. I said this is the game Name your best the first name of your best friend in when you were a freshman in high school wrestlers and you have your fucking The street that you live on. Yeah that's your fucking annex scene like those generators on the phone on facebook. Yeah it's fucking disney name is your first name your crooked symbol and all this bullshit Many rose says that they need to save the women's division and they'll do so and have the gopher exceed women's tag matt tax titles we also get at the end we get nfc championship. Moscow chop braun. Baker brom breaker. If eating pete done and rich holland after match colorado attacked holland wasn't a badge. You could still tell. That brecher is like fucking greenish shit. Yeah but he has potential. These about does that whole big man thing when he gets hype and he fucking raleigh. Yeah that's it but He he he looks good and He can make it work. But i can't i can't this show was just bad. I gotta do something where gotta add something to the to the fold. Something's going to happen. Yeah i agree.

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