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To dish out the tough love people are actually turning around and going the wrong way up the ramp don't do that the lanes are open up don't be silly check with sam i what are you doing every ten minutes on the twos on kyw newsradio w news time ten eleven global markets are reacting to the trump administration's tariffs kyw shower a day howard spoke with an expert on global economic development about how this will impact the middle class president trump's imposition of tariffs on imported steel anna lumina m is rippling through the global economy in dr sharon freeman says tafs are not the illness but rather the symptom of globalism are only one part of a larger issue of globalization and dr freeman says when tariffs are implemented against trade partners the middle class is storage has been left out as the upper classes benefit think all over the world what has been realized is that it's very hard in the middle class in the formerly across all sectors to identify dr freeman believes where there's a cause there's an effect what is clear is if we impose your will be retaliations sheridan howard kyw newsradio uhhuh news time ten twelve it's time for traffic and transit on the twos we've got a lot of jammed up traffic on the vine street expressway the entire way across we can see it in the mealey's furniture jam cam it's jammed east from the schuylkill out to almost ninety five and that's just because of all the things that are going on in town around independence mall trying to get set up for the biggest festival on the westbound vine street expressway it's not too bad it is jammed from the parkway out to the schuylkill expressway speaking of the parkway we've got the inbound inner lanes closed from the art museum logan circle as the setup continues they're also trying to get out of town on the schuylkill expressway did get a lot better as you approach the gulf mills area in through to two so whatever was going on there looks to be gone on the eastbound schuylkill expressway it's from the boulevard all the way to the vine and that's because of the vine backup ninety five south allegheny gerard a little bit slow that's just volume but that's pretty much it for ninety five so if you're getting outta town and you need to take ninety five down into wilmington everything looks great if you're going to go to the.

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