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Youtube. History really is where my brain turns to Mush. Yeah a lot of calls about youtube and it's like I agree that these people are who's and I agree that they could. I mean this episode of the Josh Charles. James Charles James Charles. Video has over eight million views already like this is a highly watched show and I'm not even putting air quotes around show because this looks like something I would see on Bravo like The production values are high on the show. But like it's too much. It's too much for for me. Personally I think for you to you watched it. There's two I I watched it. I watched up until I realized that the the actual elimination challenge was not apology related. It was about how to make a. I mean. They are teaching these people skills life lessons. If I'M BEING HONEST. How to make collaboration video so they had an actual famous youtubers. Each of them was paired with an actual famous youtubers. They had to like make a fake collaboration video. All right you guys. I am so proud of all of you for taking these scandals hat on. Hopefully this will not be training for the future but if it is not you know exactly what to do. I'm pretty sure that you would all make out of these uncanceled at alive. So congratulations guys. James Will Josh Charles. That's shows are ONA triggering. That's our own age bias. Which is a problem but the thing with him is that he has done things that are genuinely shitty and deserve apologies but this just implies like never been sorry for them doesn't learn from anything doesn't give a shit thinks it's hilarious and now like spinning into a joke which like you have have to admire but then half to to look back and be like. Wow you're like truly evil it's like I don't see any of these. Fake apologies in the realm of like dragged Finn which rock on twitter while texting during their movie on opening night or something member. That wasn't that him. It wasn't Finn which rock it was It was James was was making fun of Fenwick truck or something. It wasn't Finn. Which where did you get Finn with truck? Then wolf ARD out. Sorry there are two who we Finns. I'm sorry using the two nights he was mocking like a child actor and then at the premiere movie it wasn't even if he was at a he was just add a screening of it and was texting during an Enfin Wolf Heart. Excuse me that I got dorsal. And I don't know in Wichita view. Be The thing you remember is pretty funny. Yeah I know but he was texting during the movie. Fan Got Mad at him and then James had to release a crying apology video in the back seat of I believe right because and that was even funnier because that video was over a doing it for the actual offense so that was like over he. He was so embarrassed. That came out almost two apology. And you're like WHOA. Whoa WHOA WHOA. You didn't even do anything that that that that that wrong. And you've done stuff wrong and not even given this type of apology before here. You are sobbing about texting during a Fin Wolf Heart Wolf. Hard not withdraw. No it's Wolf pectoral Wolford. That's it Wolf Art. It's Finley Wolford. God Fin Wolfert. He's the things child. One of Wolf Fin Wolford Child Stranger things child. God my brain is melting out of my ears. If you say female minus two my brain melting out of Myers when we got this email in the WHO weekly inbox breaking news. David dobric becomes the highest value Internet influence or according to demaree analytics Business Lindsay started I guess. The data from our portfolio of analyzed content creators like David tells the story of continued consistency during this time of quarantine says de Marie Analytic CEO. Frank Spatafora get weirder and then Franks. Ceo Frank spot of De Maria. You named it after his Abby Veterans Day my name Analytics Company after you it's Di it's D- apostrophe Mirage like of Marie Good Job David Brations. David how're you? How was your weekend vibe? Chuck Pretty Good Fine Field decent today waking up at least a decent feel. Sorry God feel as good as I'm gonNA feel. I feel I didn't have to watch last night so nice like loving the lack. Sing Sunday I had I watch. Titanic instead what may say? It was amazing. All of titanic. It was great. You know you made the big lasagna. And you watch the movie. I did the ball exactly what I did. And the big. Lasagna was which I made late because I didn't have everything in time. Amazing it was amazing. Of course it was amazing. Lasagna's amazing you could throw me any lasagna recipe in the world. It would be amazing as there are layers of lasagna sheets. And now I feel like the thing about the big LASAGNA. Which I'm would be thrilled to make. And maybe we'll attempt one day as well just striking experience is I've made before. That is like half ass lasagna. Version of that which is like no. You're Kinda like just layer shit you have and it was honestly iconic. I trust me. I understand that. The big is probably better but like any LASAGNA. The way that you make lasagna is GonNa be come on good and when you end the thing is like I was. I was even I was prepared. I haven't made LASAGNA and a long time from scratch like I made a couple kind of half ass LASAGNA's like you were talking about like only a few layers you could put together like GonNa weeknight. Whatever but I haven't done something like this in a few years and I was prepped for my kitchen to get completely crazy bat. Shit nuts dirty but not really. Because I didn't because I didn't make the pasta homemade which is the totally optional thing. It doesn't get crazy and so I was like oh I'm done and the kitchen is totally reasonable. I like cleaned up a little bit and was fine. It was great another Lasagna for days. Frozen LASAGNA it. To me is the ultimate reward. It's not even the accomplishment of doing. It's just the idea that lasagna freezes so well that would be the only reason. I would attempt big LASAGNA. At this point it it freezes well and it also slice as well so you can make your individual porch area very easily on my bed. Yeah like you can have lasagna. Every night plus whatever else you have in house. You're making me WanNa like make the lasagna again. I know that was my that was my mother's Day activities speaking of Mother's Day So Mother's Day was upon us and we got you know the avalanche of Mother's Day posts from celebrities across the spectrum. My favorite of Oh one of my favorites was the one posted by none other than Olivia. Jade in honor of her mother the iconic Laurie Lachlan and she said happy. Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. I think that's my least favorite thing that's happened in the past few years. When did we suddenly start calling? On Mothers Mama's I can't deal with this Mama's four Mama's this for being Mama. Thank you God for Mine. White Hart White Hart White Hart White Heart. You are my best friend and of held my hand every day for twenty years making it look like not while you were really well. She was wrong. She wasn't having her hand held She was seeking the photo. You made it look. Like motherhood is an easy job. You are one of a kind. I love you so so so much and cannot wait to give you all the love in the world today and forever. Thank you for being you. You are the most special person to me. Space period space. I am so blessed to be your daughter and so proud to call you mom period heart. I love you. I mean old photo of her. You're telling me that Lori doesn't deserve this you're crazy Lori. This is a fully deserved If my mom also scam to get me into college I would also make a post and write all this stuff to her too. I saw a headliner solid tweet. That was like you know. She is the ultimate mom. Because she's willing to go to jail for her daughter and I was like excuse you Lori. Lockman is not willing to go to jail. She's she's doing. She's going out of her way to go to jail. You would've done one week fourteen months exactly and now she's she could have gone to jail for what exactly was going to. Guantanamo because she's hoping was like Hell No. I will not go to jail for one week for my daughter like felicity. Listen men who in Probably Laurie. Lachlan's mine is a dumb ass. Our just gave up and Laurie refuses to let this for two to three days. Two to three days a minimal to a minimum security prison for two to three days. Speaking of other posters Kristen Cavalieri celebrated Motherhood Amid Jay Cutler divorce. That's a page six headline. I loved that everything has amid the divorce. Now force. It's so funny as if like the concept of this post implies that. She's not allowed to do that because she's getting divorced or something like she celebrates motherhood amid her divorce as if that is like two things that are pushing against each other. She call being among the greatest gift as she spent her first. Mother's stay single. That to me was single but that was really funny to me. It's like in her whole life. I guess they're like doing the math or like she's been married to him every time she says kids at the first time she had kittens Jasmine woman. And I guess and then we have the most curse headline of the weekend which was Elon. Musk's model mom may shares cute photo of her new grandson exit twelve on Mother's Day nicknames. The child as the SPACEX. Ceo Calls his little boy. Acute d three point one four purposes Cutie Pie. Nothing Lamer then a Pie Mathematical Pedro. Nothing nothing nothing lamer and also whenever you're the CEO of Tesla like think of a better job. If you should know more than Pie math joke I get it. You should be ashamed. The only math joke that you should be doing that Stephen Hawking only could get or at least that he remain. That's at least Eddie. Reid means like I get it. I studied scientists twice. You know. Yeah is that on his resume so this is really intense. This started breaking Sunday night morning. One of the Jonah Kate plus eight One of the kids that John McCain had Colin who Justin Sixteen wished his alternate sixteen while they all turned sixteen. Wished his step mom. Happy Mother's Day but not kate and everyone's like Collins out here being petty and he said turns out today as Mother's Day today we pay love for our mothers but I don't think mother can describe all the things colleen has done for me and it's just like all about mother colleen. You are more than other to me. You are one of my guidelines. One of my guiding. Light's pizza. It's sort of like wow. John picked right the second time right. It's true and we always make fun of John but I guess he has a nice girlfriend who we don't really hear about my. I mean the only time we've ever made fun of John. The past like Ernestine dumb. I've ever mentioned John in the past fibers. Wouldn't he was doing those? Dj Gigs and had like or whatever but seems like that just means he's out here supporting his five six sixteen year olds or whatever more it's Giannakopoulos eight his eight children. He has eight children. That was the entire thing. Yeah whatever the other the final piece of Mother's Day News Talk. This is my favorite post. So Jemima Kirk of girls fame Amongst other things posted a great post. It's a picture of The nanny and her kid and it says and happy Mother's Day to suites by Stacey Eighty two than any. I can't stand playing with children's we've literally saved them in me a whole lot of boredom. Thank you for making me a better mother and for being nothing short of another mom to my children which is like. Oh my God so nice and do yeah. I saw some post being like. This is the first one I've ever seen the celebrity. Do this busy. Phillips has done the other celebrities that is true but the admission. I can't stand with. Children is so funny. It's so like you know it's Kirke Kirke in. Yeah and she's so nothing but herself you know and that is always something that. I am very amused by with with her. She's great it reminds me of the Extremely ICONIC SEX IN THE CITY. Sketch from SNL. Rachel drag is the Miranda and. They're having their COSMO's. Rachel graduates this holding a doll baby like by the leg like it's just very comical. She's holding the baby and Charlotte who I think. Is Amy poehler complaining about wanting a baby and Rachel Trach holds up the doll baby and says. Do you want this one? I hate it added announcement to Harry and I have decided to adopt a you. Want this one here online onto arm. Us. Updates has an update yeah. Let's move onto relationships that will move onto divorces. We have a lot of people. We've like Mother's Day relationships divorces today like it's a terrific day politic monumental moment this is truly I mean I know everytime I say this every time I say oh this is my favorite onto Armas. And this is my favorite banana update right. This is my favorite banana date. So since we last banana and they were spotted together obviously walking the dogs and they got locked out and he had to climb the fence. That was like a big event. A big banana. Every talk about that now it was. You know we didn't talk about it. We sweet it. It's more just like you have to see the fellows locked down. He has to climb the fence..

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