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He saw Eliza and another friend America standing near the street at the time prosecutor Duran then had johnny read a portion of his initial statement to police to refresh his memory because in that statement he said he saw Dwight standing near the sidewalk as well Johnny was asked if Dwight said anything the ride from the Seymour Street House to his cousin's house Johnny testified that Whitehead and said anything but again his police statement was red johnny had told the police that Dwight said he aimed the gun into the car but it went off when someone inside the car pulled on the barrel on cross examination Johnny told the court that he just said yes to whatever the police told him during his interview he said he was afraid that he would be arrested if he didn't after the officers typed up the statement he signed it so he could go home and he said his statement was not accurate Johnny's sister Jasmine testified next jasmine testified that she heard Nico uses slurred and saw someone with a gun walk-ups to the car but this was contradicted by her police statement where she had said she saw dwight fire the gun into the car jazz and then testified that they went to Dwight's cousin's house and Dwight left for work while he was at work she didn't speak to him but again ferring to her statement Jasmine had told police that way called her on his brakes to say he felt bad about what happened and he hoped no one was hurt like her brother Jasmine testified on cross examination that she had only signed the statement because she was scared and wanted to go home she said she wasn't a strong reader and didn't read the statement prior to signing it Judge Walsh Journey the court at five pm about fifteen minutes later news crews waiting outside of the courthouse caught a physical altercation on camera the footage was later shown the judge it reportedly showed friends and family of Dwight making threats toward Latifah's friends and family and a fight than broke out the next morning with the jury out of the courtroom Judge Wall said that what he saw disgraced the life and legacy of Latisha and he will warned against any further incidents the jury was then brought back into the courtroom and the testimony of the party goers continued Erica Alison testified she heard Dwight use a gay slur but didn't see him with the gun her testimony mainly just established who was at the party on cross examination she said that Latisha was wearing women's clothes but was dressed less overtly feminine than usual David dough boy genius also testified as to who was at the House that night he then said that when Mark Latisha and star arrived he was standing with Nico Lemon and Dwight doboy admitted he used a gay slur saying he didn't want them at his house he said he had a gun in his nephews closet dwight than said that he would shoot them he watched as Dwight went into the House came out of the House and walked over to the a car the car then sped away doboy said he didn't hear the gunshot because the music was too loud and he didn't see Dwight holes the gun until after mark had driven away he then saw dwight give the gun to Nico who then put it in the Baseman Doboy said he later went down to the basement and brought the gun up to his mother's bedroom he hid it under the mattress where police later find it it's new Geico Lemon was the next to testify he said he saw dwight walk up to the car but he didn't see the gun even though he had signed a police statement claiming that he did see the gun he told the court that he was so drunk that night that he just wanted to go home and so he signed the statement when it was put in front of him he also denied he or anyone else used any derogatory slurs about Latisha mark or Star News Oh did backup dope boys account however of who handled the gun after the shooting during cross examination Niko said he saw individual doubles he didn't know and hooded sweatshirts near the house after Nico finished testifying a lunch break was called before the jury was brought back in Judge Walsh addressed Dwight Directly Judge Walsh had been told that people connected with Dwight had been threatening witnesses he warned that charges would be brought if it continued the jury was then brought back in and the trial proceeded a witness who had been standing near the car carly Shay Genius testified that she saw Dwight walked towards the car and say that the people inside needed to leave she then saw him fire into the car though to her it didn't look like he took aim at anyone in particular Elissa Davis Latisha friend who had called her to the House that night took the stand next she said that while she was standing at the car talking to mark and Latisha she heard a man's voice behind her say Elissa get them out of here and then use a gay slur she said dark-skinned man in a hooded sweatshirt walked up and put a gun in the window he told them to get out of there and then he fired one shot though Elissa said she only saw the hands of the man she assumed they belong to dwight delete she testified that she had recognized his voice when he told them to leave and he was the only dark skinned black man at the Party the Prosecution then called their last witness star hopper from the backseat of the car she didn't see anything before she heard a bang and saw a flash then she looked over in time to see a dark skinned man she didn't know in a blue hooded sweatshirt after her testimony the prosecution than rested I asked Andy About Dwight's demeanor while the prosecution was resenting their evidence and while all those I witnesses were identifying him as the shooter she told me he didn't really react to anything he was a bunch stone-faced throughout clint black the motion and she she also lacked remorse there were there were times is when I think she could have easily reacted to a number of question but she was emotionless and I think that was what really stuck with me as well as pieces family as we as we thought the courtroom the defense called only one witness Sheila Genteel Genteel was a DNA expert who analyzed the gun found at the scene and later identified by Doboy as the murder weapon three DNA samples were lifted from the gun none of them matched Dwight d but genteel also testified that not everyone who touched the gun would have necessarily left DNA behind and that placing the gun under a mattress could have led to some DNA being removed from the gun when Genteel left the stand the defense rested their case they then ask the judge to allow the jury to consider the lesser offenses of manslaughter in the first and second degrees as well as manslaughter in the first and second degrees us a hate crime judge Walsh agreed to include the lesser charges in the jury instructions court was adjourned with closing arguments to be made.

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