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The Indianapolis colts have been sending their draft picks all week long that includes former ball state guard Danny Pinter the colts also signed cornerback Isaiah Rogers defensive tackle Robert Windsor and wide receiver Desmond pacman then on Friday they signed three more of their twenty twenty draft picks running back Jonathan Taylor quarterback Jacob Eason and linebacker Jordan Glasgow that means the colts have now signed seven of their nine draft picks from this year's draft now a veteran on the colts roster T. Y. Hilton talked about his contract this week his contract ending soon but he says when he re signs he wants to stay in Indianapolis forever I'm I'm one of vehicle on so life you know but it's safe to say you know the limits are saying Chris nana to get a job done so for me you know I want to be a couple stuff for me do you eyes been with cold since twenty twelve in his career nearly eighty six hundred yards and forty five touchdowns last season he played in ten games for the colts totaling five hundred receiving yards and five touchdowns earlier this week stand to lord named in in duck key into the small college basketball hall of fame Gerard played at southern Indiana in the nineties helping the screaming eagles when the nineteen ninety five D. two national championship for the last twelve years he was the head coach at U. ND but last month he announced he's returning home and he will now be the head coach at U. S. sites starting next year with network Indiana sports some rob cuts welcome back everybody tomorrow is the day you've been waiting for this NASCAR racing at Darlington the man himself Adam Alexander from F. S. one the host of NASCAR race but joins us hello Adam Hey Bob how are you.

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