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And I would say we get our food bag on we, we get after because we've been out here for three hours and we get the first thing I do is get the AC to about sixty lights. All it's dark games bears in charge of the games. We had our games up on the screens we eat, and then I'm sitting there just watching the games, say no front left is out. Lob and up and down, sneak some points food while you guys around the nose. He could look at the rundown segments. He's like that one. Not anymore four right far. Right. Has antenna up. I cannot leave my house. It. Myself vulnerable position. Anytime. Oh, yeah. Now that he's on air guys. Site, man, we're coming at you at any second better, be listening. It's been fun. Very good wall. Have a great call love to do again. I really appreciate you coming on with us. I know the peop- anytime. Love, talk with you guys have a great week barrel, see and state took care about your working late. When you get into Lert on your smartphone, your blink motion, activated security camera, picked up something suspicious at home. You open your blink out and watch a video clip of someone peering through your kitchen window. You dial nine one one and police role. I mean, isn't the point of having home security to alert you before bad stuff happens not after.

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