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Dreams concise we don't need the the thorn birds version we need we need quickly version just yet yeah one graph could be version I was in the woods I saw Alexis she grew wings she flew away it doesn't matter what color the wings were a good example of a detail that doesn't need to hold that's right okay just Alexis I was in the woods Alexis appeared she was glowing she sprouted wings she flew away and was laughing that's the dream there you go all the right that's right everybody peace I everybody I have wings girl I've gradually she's feeling a lot less limitless less with your sub conscious mind that's I don't want to take time out from the other people solve this quickly ask you I had a dream that I and I'm I will try not to be gross but it was very real and vivid that I he messed myself in my pants okay what does that mean that someone doesn't mean anything getting not in real life he's talking about I mean it's a group of blacks valid question girl valid question but no in the dream it was very real and I was embarrassed okay that means that it the day before you said something that you regretted saying out loud oh boy that's my whole life is fascinating okay yeah you there were some thoughts that you got out to verbally that you feel like you didn't really it wasn't a great way that is everyday I mean we're talking three hours we just we right left talk for three hours every day there's a lot of things you'll get a phrase that difference I should be I should be myself every day at my dream I have dreams of like being in an airport and there's a toilet right in the middle of the walkway and that's where I'm going No Way right wing thing yeah it means the same thing always has that yep so and that's why that's coming up in just a little bit okay before we do the best to passing notes which is a great one with special guest stars miss Shannon I I've been teasing this I just want to say all of you planning potentially a summer vacation there's a friend of mine that went to Universal Studios over the weekend it she's well versed she works in the industry she's a well she works the hotel industry she's well versed with the parks she's knowledgeable when it comes to the she has kids so she's coming from a parenting point of view she was impressed with the level of safety measures and she was impressed with the crowds she said that with the capacity being limited yeah people were really spaced out she said that told the lines were short and delightful she said it was actually one of her favorite times that she's ever gone to the parks she said she felt safe she said she you know didn't touch railings and stuff she said but because of the lower capacity she said people walked around freely and really spaced out even in Harry potter world and lex you want you know you've been you've been to Harry that is that shoulder to shoulder people it jammed it yeah and she said she felt real safe and had an amazing time I would have to wait long in line no not at all like she's she just said it was handled that they're universal's handling it really well they did a temperature check when you walk in on and it's all contactless paying with cards if you have cash they you know they handle it differently but she said yeah from top to bottom he was a great experience yeah that's great are they waiting down right yeah I mean great question Lexie asks they didn't they are doing it likes it when they got off on a ride they wipe down the hand rails like for instance there's the incredible hulk roller coaster yes said all of the all of the Bob shoulder harnesses you know raise up you exit and then someone comes well this is another woman that said this I saw on her thread a teenager basically or runs with a with a bottle and and a cloth and wipe down all of the harnesses in between each ride it like record speed there's actually several cast members that come so yeah they're they're figuring out how to do it so I don't know encouraging Kerr they're figuring out systems I know what's what I thought of I hope they keep these queen these cleanly cleanliness of procedures and even if we find a cure yeah you know what I mean grease everybody healthier in general yeah many people are getting less sick I mean outside of the covert ninety if you notice that there aren't as many people sick yes let your people are gross well yeah well the one thing about that but anyway so little report if you all are sitting here planning vacations in the fall a little progress report there from from the theme park world as I said miss Shannon was nice enough to make a special appearance on this week's passing notes another great job by Rocco so for your listening pleasure as we do now on Mondays we have the best of the passing notes here it is.

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