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Oakville. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. Authorities in Allentown Pennsylvania say they have a high degree of confidence that the perpetrator was one of three people killed in a car explosion. Police and neighbors standing just feet away Saturday night as the vehicle erupted into flames residents describe a thunderous blast. This scare rippled throughout the neighborhood. Investigators revealed few answers about the explosion in what may have caused it to men's identities have not been released in authorities are calling the blast a criminal incident. ABC's Zachary quiche, the US and Canada's save reached the basis of a free trade deal. Among other things it exempts more than two and a half million vehicles from tariffs in Ottawa Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit previous or is it a good deal. Good deal. Good day for Canada. How come certain Joel Napley can adopt. The US is number two trading partner. Canada was left out last month when the US and Mexico agreed to a revamp of the North American Free trade agreement the Trump administration going to legal war with California suing the state almost. Immediately after governor Jerry Brown signed the nation's toughest net neutrality measure for years. Critics of giant internet service providers have argued the company's play favorites by slowing down or blocking the competitions websites. And now California has labeled those practices illegal. The Trump administration says this is a job for the federal government that states have no right to regulate the World Wide Web ABC news legal analyst, Royal Oakes. An early warning system that might have prevented some deaths in the soon NAMI that hit the Indonesian island of Shula way. See as been stalled for years in the testing phase the death toll from the magnitude seven point five temblor more than eight hundred Nicole's at tidal wave.

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