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A tragic loss for a local school district this is the ten thirty report i'm troy adams breaking now be lakota school district is mourning the death of a fifteen year old student who was going to be a sophomore at lakota west this fall matt strapping developed bleeding on his brain earlier this month and was taken to the hospital after an annual alumni lacrosse game he died this morning and tonight there was a community gathering at the lakota west football stadium is geared around just simply to kids having a place to compete together they're set up at eight o'clock it's going to be in the stadium and and really truly it's just about the kids being able to to share and mourn and hugging cry and hopefully tell some good stories and just be together athletic director scott kaufman with the lakota west high school earlier tonight says at centerpoint church we'll have grief counselors tomorrow from two to four pm now the latest traffic and weather together there are a couple of accidents right now northbound i seventy one at fields ertel and roosevelt avenue at hamilton avenue also montana avenue is closed due to a wreck at harrison avenue the latest forecast from the news radio seven hundred wwl w weather center i heart radio station overnight mostly clear skies low seventythree another hot one on sunday mostly sunny ninety three heat index values as high as one hundred.

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