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Kimmy Schmidt, Munchkins, Jerry discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn


You how many innings Hampel? Okay. So the first thing I was in was wizard of Oz. And I was a munchkin not to brag not to brag. But I mean, listen, it's my history. So then, you know, the munchkins have this thing. When Dorothy lands were they say, you know, don't go to the east for in the east, but don't go to the west for in the west. So you know, we were seven, and we just pointed our hands whatever direction. One don't go to the eastern, and he Jerry came storming down the aisle of the theater and explained to us that there east west north and south and the specific directions we had two point in. We couldn't just randomly through our arms around. So he really he had this professional standard. Like if anybody checked we were pointing to the east when we said, he's what was the first time. You got paid to act I joined both unions when I was fourteen so a sag at the time now after I joined sagging equity when I was fourteen and was in union plays and in union movies, and even a pilot called the happiness and. Yes. So fourteen. Were you like going off to were you taking advantage of your schools leeway and just heading off to auditions could. I mean, I did, you know women of any age do not get as many additions as men or boys. But whenever I could get one. I went to it. Of course that were you auditioning for what was sixteen year old Carol canes type was sixteen known at sixteen fourteen. I think I graduated when I was sixteen got to being carnal knowledge shortly thereafter with that Mike Nichols directed. But what was I did team for mostly theater kind of part? Well, serious than those days. I was a serious actress in those days, I'm I addition for the Prime Minister, Jean Brodie, I'm Broadway thirteen times and do not get it. I just thought I was would not survive. And then I did was lucky enough to get to it on the road with the fantastic Tammy Grimes who we just lost. And that was a great experience. One of the things that I love about your character on commission that is that, you know, I think it in many ways like parts of your career have been defined by the fact that you have a really distinctive voice and a really distinctive looking. I'm you're very beautiful, but you, and you have this sort of wonderful, grand hair and always have and that lends itself towards you know, you've often played mousy characters one of the things that I love about Kimmy Schmidt. Is that it is? So undeniably you, but it is also the furthest thing from Massey character. It's a character with no limits. No censorship. Exactly. And great writing. I know that's kind of fun to just get to say any in fact, some of the things I say just shocked me, you know, me. Lillian does things that I would never do IB way too self-conscious for so his kind of fun to be legally asked to do some checking things and say some shocking things sometimes the jokes on Kimmy Schmidt. And this was true of thirty rock as well are so fast in dense. Unlike so complex that I lose them as a viewer, and I'm a very serious comedy viewer who prides himself on not missing anything. Right. And I miss it. Sometimes. And I wonder it must be extraordinarily challenging to nail every one of those intricate. Joe they hide but thank goodness Gina fan. Robert Carlyle, a very hands on their down there on the floor with us. And if we don't get it, we do it again. And they explain it, and they fix it until it's until you got it. They don't go away from it. And then the other thing is about Kimmy, which I've never experienced before is that there are things that I say, I'm Kimmy that. I don't understand what they mean at all so up to date almost like a head of time. You know, and they are things to do with the the modern Computerworld and everything that's hip and cool and of the moment, and I don't know I've got references to, you know, things that I say, I just say them and people laugh, and and then later I say, well, what does that mean? Sometimes I'll I'll try and understand what it means before say, and they try and explain to me, and I sometimes stood on understand..

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Kimmy Schmidt, Munchkins, Jerry discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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