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After sunset a tree toppled onto a craft and home and killed a woman who lived there Police are calling last night's incident of freak accident A giant tree fell all across the backyard of this home on farlow avenue and Croft and slicing through a bedroom on the far side of the home just before 9 last night It is a big tree And it left a substantial amount of damage inside the home Debris is still scattered around the yard the top half of a chimney now a pile of bricks Russ Davies with the end run will county fire department says it took about an hour and 45 minutes for firefighters to stabilize the home Get to her and then get her freed By then she had passed away It's very unusual because the rest of the house as you would imagine almost appears to be untouched Right now this appears to be a wind driven accident and Croft and John dome in WTO news WTO at 6 42 the fight for women to go topless in ocean city Maryland is over The Supreme Court has refused to hear the women's appeal Now this challenge is from about 5 years ago when a town ordinance banned women for doing what men do Go topples on the beach and the boardwalk Some women filed suit claiming the ordinance violated their constitutional rights but ocean city successfully argued the rule protects the general public's moral sensibilities Keep it here on WTO We're going to have a look at some gulf news coming up next at 6 43 At BMW we made the ultimate range And because each of the 7 X range sports activity vehicles flawlessly balance dynamic power.

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