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Office space tool they can't even begin to lobby their own company to maybe of space better what would be your tips for them in time to seek out a decent work environment i wonder also how would you advise companies who use freelances to accommodate them and work with them in terms of physical space i think proximity is the important thing i mean if we think about olah interactions whether that is with the charming folks the work at the supermarket on the checkout or whether that's people in the bank a lot of our interactions of been pared down in the name of efficiency and i really do think that two thousand eighteen has got to be the year we stopped talking to each other and that works on two levels one that you know the the old ladies who used to catch up with our friends at the grocery shop would talked to the nice tell her the supermarket and not being able to not doesn't create a great community in the same sense when we're designing work environments people have got to be able to wrap up against each other a little bit we talk about collaboration but actually collaboration rarely happens just over email you need to talk to people needs he the whites that their eyes you need to jot down the ideas on paper and i think that for free loan says it's important to fill part of something and whether that's here at monaco on they can come and have an ice stopped luncheon sits on a really uncomfortable but delightfully expensive juicer i think it's a good thing you've got to invest in the office space and you invent arrays of people to want to come to work and people will still have to come to work in the next year still to come will take a closer look at the redesign of a legacy business magazine but up next monocle sartorial sage himself jamie waters joins us to look back at the year in fashion this is an extraordinarily special design themed edition of the globe list do stay tuned.

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