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Deanna would lead this broadcast and give a play by play as the rover inch closer and closer to landing. Idea for a Spanish language broadcast came to her when she was working on another Mars mission about a decade ago. Curiosity. It came to my mind, maybe like a week or a few days before curiosity landed. 2012. But since then I've been, you know, going to the media office periodically every time there's a major mission happening, like Hey, we should do this in Spanish. Hey, we should do this in Spanish. And yes. Oh, right before persevere and started. Mentioned it again and consistently. I feel like for seven years and then they said Yes. So Indiana Toni Jo Claudia study Trabajando Pomona. Those directories the well Oh, the superficial that perseverance. It always thank God Bless, said that a little stairs and pre med program Mine. Espanol Dylan, NASA Dona Teresa have planetary BMB News throw nearly two hours of broadcast, Deanna had several guests by virtually like Lola and Abby from Sesame Street. Oh, is that Lisa? School? Master? Least off See? No less moment.

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