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Can also do that to <Speech_Male> go to mindfulness <Speech_Male> mode dot <Speech_Male> com slash <Speech_Male> ass <Speech_Male> Assez in <Speech_Male> strategy <Speech_Male> session <Speech_Male> so once again <Speech_Male> for the training. <Speech_Male> Go to stand up now <Speech_Male> blueprint dot <Speech_Male> com, and <Speech_Male> for the thirty minute <Speech_Male> strategy session, <Speech_Male> Goto <Speech_Male> mindfulness mode, dot, <Speech_Male> com slash <SpeakerChange> S <Speech_Male> S, <Speech_Male> and and you're doing <Speech_Male> the first session <Speech_Male> at no cost. Is <Speech_Male> that right? Yeah, <Speech_Male> yeah, that's right <Speech_Male> well if. If <Speech_Male> you guys are listening <Speech_Male> I hope you're paying <Speech_Male> close attention <Speech_Male> here because Bruce <Speech_Male> is a very <Speech_Male> valuable individual. <Speech_Male> If you can <Speech_Male> get three minutes <Speech_Male> with the guy, <Speech_Male> spend some time <Speech_Male> with him, but if he's offering <Speech_Male> a thirty minute free <Speech_Male> coaching, Call Guys I. <Speech_Male> Really would highly recommend <Speech_Male> that you take them up <Speech_Male> on at least at least watch <Speech_Male> the Webinar see <Speech_Male> if it's a fit for you <Speech_Male> so. <Speech_Male> Bruce Thank you so much <Speech_Male> for showing <Speech_Male> up to your show <Speech_Male> and allowing <Speech_Male> me to take it over <Speech_Male> and. <Speech_Male> Having <Speech_Male> an opportunity to learn <Speech_Male> from you, you've you've <Speech_Male> inspired me <Speech_Male> inspired <Speech_Male> literally millions <Speech_Male> hundreds of thousands <Speech_Male> of other people <Silence> over the years. <Speech_Male> Thank you so <Speech_Male> much for what you do <Speech_Male> your very. <Speech_Male> Valuable <Speech_Male> person <SpeakerChange> in <Silence> so many people's lives. <Speech_Male> Chris <Speech_Male> thanks so much <Speech_Male> for being here. It'd <Speech_Male> being guest host <Speech_Male> I really appreciate <Speech_Male> this. It's fantastic. <Speech_Male> It's kind <Speech_Male> of different <hes> <Speech_Male> it is. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> The tables. He <Speech_Male> barely trusted <Speech_Male> me to do this and I. Don't blame <Speech_Male> him. He's got such a great <Speech_Male> podcasts, so <Speech_Male> thank you for your trust <Speech_Male> though I <SpeakerChange> do appreciate <Speech_Male> it, Bruce and <Speech_Male> guys. <Speech_Male> I'm done. <Speech_Male> Go out there <Speech_Male> and live large. <Speech_Male> Get on that training. <Speech_Male> What is that one more time? <Speech_Male> Stand up now <Speech_Male> end up now, <Speech_Male> blueprint <SpeakerChange> dot, <Speech_Male> com, <Speech_Male> they end up now, blueprint <Speech_Male> dot com. <Speech_Male> Thank you so much <Speech_Male> have a wonderful week. <Speech_Male> Bruce <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Male> we'll talk to you soon. <Speech_Male> Okay Youtube <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Chris by

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