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Alabama senior class one fifty five game Clemson senior tasks won two championships in Alabama senior class won two championships. And as charity pointed out earlier, Clemson becomes the first team to win fifteen games in a season since eighteen forty seven thousand ninety seven 1897 1897 who would that school have been missed McCurdy? I believe Penn State Penn Penn big difference to go ask them. And ask him which one if there's a difference between Penn Penn State. Yeah. Was pin on fifteen way back when? Dimension Gregg Popovich last night with his win moved into a tie for third place on the all-time winningest coaches in the NBA tying Jerry Sloan with one thousand two hundred twenty one. Number two on the list is still Lenny Wilkins with one thousand three hundred thirty two hundred and eleven more than Greg. And I on the list is still Don Nelson one thousand three hundred thirty five one hundred fourteen more than pop getting a second or first is going to be real real tough. Yes, now, I'm sure deep down in his heart, eight appreciate the accolade. Ask him right now. How dare you? Story in the world for two thousand nineteen so far next nuts and bolts issues like school funding are on the agenda culture war issues like you can use which bathroom are not as the Texas legislature convenes at noon today and a state income tax will at least be up for discussion as lawmakers try to come up with ways to cut local property taxes. What was first presented as a stolen car carrying an eight month old baby. Boy now looks like something much more tragic also coming up at eight thirty President Trump makes his case for border security to the nation tonight and a primetime speech, which we will carry live right here. More coming up at eight thirty w away. I news time eight twenty two now, traffic.

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