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RC, michael. If you look if you if you look up Patrick Henry railroad car. Yeah. There's video of his railcars s article written about him in the. Houston chronicle from two thousand five. Headline businessman refurbishes train cars, rents them out. From the back of a train the east Texas woods at night. Phil thrillingly mysterious traveling at seventy three miles an hour. There's barely time to register trees farmhouses dark bridges that appear and flash past. Suddenly, there's a small town in the dark sky lights up from houses stores and cars, and there's the weird sound of railroad crossing bells fading away almost before you hear them when I finish the sentence do up to reflect how you higher lower. But just thinking of all the questions that I have about this. Well, I know, but I need them at the end of my car. Very. Okay. No, no, just sitting on the back platform Houston businessman. Patrick Henry knows. He's having an experience view twenty-first-century Americans have shared, okay? Did you? I stood out here and think just how great life is says Henry, owner of the Warren are Henry and Evelyn Henry nineteen fifties era. Private train cars named after his parents. Okay. Since he bought a year ago the cars valued at a million dollars have been renovated to attract business and personal charters with elegant furnishings, gourmet meals, fine, China, and satellite television. Okay. This is really cool. And then he goes through all the rich people that that rent a rent it. You can still ride coast to coast on Amtrak which boasts dining and sleeping cars. But to experience. But to experience elegant train travel like or beyond what the finer trains once offered requires a private car. Yeah. Just scores still exist in the United States and are maintained for private use. Or for charter often by private owners. We met the train in. Oh, yeah. This is real interesting. Anyway, that's all I got. What'd you call about? I was just gonna tell you. I feel sorry for use. None of your social circle gets the red. I mean 'cause I can list off about ten places and got Ray. And Beaumont right now called her and. Mentioned veto Rourke. And it'll be a lot of people in there that will tell you. They got the rent asked Rato's Raoult's has the best billboard campaign on IT between Houston. You're right. That's a great campaign. Call my dad, and my uncle they get the rent ash probably every day, and we'll tell you that really. You think that's a golden triangle? Remember when they tried to switch it to the trap plex Metroplex. Oh, you're right. It was a try place. I'm sorry. Yes. I do. I remember how we were. And I can remember tuning in the evening news, KFI AM, Larry bowl, you and Cecile. And and they said triplex weather or try, and I remember day, they're trying, you know, my my my dad is very conspiratorial about the man, and it was sort of one of those oh trying to pull that over not take golden triangle from us not without a fight. We mustard we mustard down at the town square with our muskets and knives and makeshift uniforms into battalions. We were ready to we're ready to to take up the fight. Oh, well, there was an in in there were bumper stickers. What's so stupid is the golden triangle is how people knew that area. Triplex that you know, what it is. I'll tell you what it is. I experienced this in Houston. And it's sad. It's the fourth largest city in America. People have an insecurity about where they live their embarrassed. They've been told that the two coasts have all the sophistication. Well, the people in the golden triangle as bad as the people in Houston have a hang up about New York and LA people in the golden triangle have a hang up about Houston. So they're sort of they consider themselves sort of the poor cousins. So they're always trying to come. You know, change, the golden triangle to the triplex, and that some somehow gonna which was just stupid. Started that who who was does it. I think it was a Beaumont chamber of commerce. It was a business group in both. I think not Port, Arthur. But I think it was a business group in Beaumont. And it was it was it was probably it was people that wanted Beaumont to be perceived, as you know, as something other than a collection, then, you know, three little towns in that area Beaumont Laura's past it's it's it's interesting for people that don't know the history of of this region. Galveston and Beaumont have a much more glorious past pre nineteen fifty then then obviously than Houston. Does. There's a lot of grandeur in the architecture some of the old McFadden houses and some of those great great old architecture. Oh, you know what I read Ramon? Did I tell you about the book nineteen twenty seven one summer common? Nineteen twenty seven by Bill Bryson, which I just finished about a month ago. He tells the story that in nineteen twenty seven. Beaumont had six buildings of ten stories or more. And I believe that was more than Chicago. But that. Process that for a moment. I'm trying to think if they still exist. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know which ones they would I need to go back and sandy will be able to find that line. I believe it was more than Chicago. It was an amazing fact, but you gotta remember that's what three years or two years three years after spindle top. Yeah. There was a moment that Beaumont was a booming city on a national scale. People know that Detroit and New Orleans have have fallen from grace as you know, once top ten cities in America. But people don't realize what a big deal Beaumont was before. Houston was on the national scene. Yeah. And now, it's it's. Same better days. How much coffee you think Charles Clarke buys per year. Combined. I have no clue. I mean, it it's a easy thing to find out. If you think he spends two thousand dollars a year with you. Three thousand. Thirty thousand. He sells out much coffee. Just the Beezer all the place. All oh, yeah. For sure. Yeah. How much more does cost? Then what what a run of the mill restaurant would say you're gonna make me like get into some type of pitch and give you the angle about watch. It's coffee number one. So the most expensive coffee is is, you know. Thirty cents so significantly more as product costs than then folger's. Yeah. But it's not apples to apples.

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