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John that Sir this is the John bouncer show good evening my colleague and co host and friend Gordon Chang of the daily basis here Gordon notes and you all have been apprised that I am headed to we stay within these next as and I will be broadcasting from Tokyo from the story the very famous imperial hotel which is in the neighborhood of the imperial palace center Tokyo I've had conversation with members of the Japanese foreign ministry to be a guest of foreign minister over these last days and we're talking about Japanese culture and and the cherry blossom tree which I'm greatly interested in because I've spoken with a young writer nail Cabet who's written of the history of the cherry tree and the Japanese space agency with higher boost another words Japanese culture and all of its richness spot when it comes to geopolitics what I've learned from speaking with the consul general in New York Yamanouchi kanji conscious is that the Japanese in ten to be the strongest ally of the United States have in the world now I was diplomatic when I write one of the strongest allies across all of your Asia because there are other countries that are in competition but in any event the reason the Japanese the diplomats advance this is because they see more clearly than we do here in the east coast and I just states that China is a threat to prosperity and peace in the station and this planet is not going to be successful if that's true garden what I learned from the Japanese is that the best and only way to deal with the aggression of shuzhen paying is to stand up to the ball it which is what they've done the Senkaku islands and the best and only way for the U. S. to be successful in the South China Sea is to stand with the Japanese in opposing the Chinese do you follow that logic court absolutely I mean we can see about the Senkaku islands you know we allow the Chinese to take over Scarborough show in two thousand twelve and by doing that we empower the worst elements in the Chinese political system because we showed everybody else that aggression works so just months after taking over Scarborough the Chinese did a number of things they put pressure on other Philippine features in the South China Sea they started militarize in in other words reclaiming the islands in the Spratlys and John they then started to increase the pressure on the Senkaku islands which the Chinese have a claim to and call the Dow years so what we did was we allow the Chinese to go out and make the problem bigger and the news today there is report first reports are wrong that's what we have in the news that a blue hair out war warship this is the so called Chinese merchant marine a blue warship attacked and sank a Filipino fishing boat and president too tired to has spoken Beller closely in response but look garden you help me understand that the Chinese navy advances three kinds of warships the grey warship which is a recognizable worship with missiles and radar a white warship which is their claim of the Coast Guard a massive deployment and a blue warship what is the bluish this comes from the work of Anjou Erickson of the Naval War College who is done superb work about what people are now calling China's americana militia or the little blue man but these are fishing boats and some of them are actually quite large which are organized which operate in tandem and work with both the Coast Guard and the formal Chinese navy so this gives China a number of holes in various areas they can use that to swarm and overpower an enemy and that may be what we're seeing here in the Filipino certainly John no no question about it they they sank of Philippine fishing trawler and is clearly clearly an act of intention and one one of aggression meant to intimidate the Filipinos which is why again we emphasize that the Japanese are clear eyed about this the Japanese government are clear eyed about this and that the Filipinos are struggling with having shown ambiguity and weakness over the years and the Chinese believe that they have the upper hand well you know they under due to our to our rodrico deter to their current president he seems to be bought off by the Chinese and he has taken extremely weak positions but part of it is to turn to his for his entire life has been anti American but when he so the failure of American political will at Scarborough he decided why should I oppose the Chinese the Americans are going to help me and I might as well ally with them you gotta remember as you point out John that the Philippines is a treaty ally of the United States so we created this problem by allowing the Chinese to become aggressive and to intimidate others this didn't have to occur this was a failure of policy on the part of the Obama administration which was continuing bad policies of the administration of W. bush we've had two presidents who have created a very dangerous situation for the current president Donald John trump the China trade negotiations behind closed doors unknown but tonight in the news our colleague Peter Navarro when we spoke to before the election not since then Navarro and you did the book death by China with Peter Navarro Navarro is a major voice in the negotiations and it takes a hardline towards the Chinese business plan he's quoted tonight saying that the reports in the Wall Street journal and elsewhere and I hope this is not a dated statement but in any event he would say the same thing every time are not to be followed that they're made up of poor information and that we don't know what the negotiation is like right now we are told however on the front page of the Wall Street journal don't know if it's accurate or not it's there that the talks are stalled because of while way that makes sense you well the talks are store here and part of the reason why I publications like the Wall Street journal get it wrong is because there's somebody named Steven miniature who happens to be the treasury secretary the knighted states who issues these very optimistic statements about the progress of trade negotiations and while I understand that ministration Fishel's can cheer lead and they can try to be there good cop or whatever but Lucien I think has misled the American public about the status of trade negotiations he's continuing to do that by continuing to issue optimistic statements even when it's very clear that all of the all the negotiations are stalled these are the quotes from one of our my advice for investors is to be patient this is Sandra C. reporter with the process and don't believe anything you read or not as the Chinese of U. S. press about these negotiations and he says it again in a much more colloquial fashion this is going to be a lot of garbage coming out of the Wall Street journal in people's daily and everything in between garden shadow of the daily beast Peter Navarro the man who never took time to build a sentence that wasn't pointed I'm John bash.

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