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Mr casamyor i these are democrats you see down the lie i i don't think anybody on that committee republican or democrat took any pleasure in that vote then it got to the republican mr hutchinson all mr mkhori know mr launch no the probe and was the gruesome fighting it and with did not intend to resign i felt like it if he felt that strongly about it in the lot of these accusations must not the crew six republicans said i mr fish is mr hogan i mr mudler i mr cohen enterprise mr reul's bag carried twenty seven to eleven i'll civil jerry kennedy votes for the next in portugal it so the president base the reality he did you go time for the go with starts the clock ticking towards the resignation is the supreme court decision when richard nixon loses you as phoenix thinks about resigning his family pushes back the tipping point was that a number of fellow republicans came to nixon and said we're not gonna be able to support you in the senate down to the white house trudged senior republicans capital capitol break goldwater leaders of republican party in congress come deemed to look just two over how hate told the president's last rate was george loans the prison surgery stir with me in the governor said new hampshire in britain than in the president of should adjust post presidency prison exempt asked his daughter julie to tell the first lady that he's resign he doesn't tell i guess i i said that daddy thought that that he had to resign and the tears to his she said anything fetchy she accepted it she knew that it was he had you had won lashed dinner and you asked the white house photographer to be there.

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