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We are live at age as sports grill at the alley at the corner of thirteenth in Greenwhich. Rhode? Look back to the Gregg Marshall shows we continue our shocker basketball discussion, which Utah state with just one game this week. And it's a doozy. At Houston on Saturday night. That's a seven o'clock tip off. But that will be the only game on the schedule this week. Also quickly coming up at seven o'clock. Our shocker women's basketball show, Steve strain and head coach Keith Adams coach we talked about some of the guys that have been playing pretty well or or getting there a little bit in recent games. I wanted to talk about some of the others. Maybe just get your your comments on on where maybe they're making some progress. And also what they need to do to continue to get better. And we'll start with with Ricky Torres who certainly had some good moments lately. But but still a work in progress. Ricky's got defend better on the ball. Very first possession of the game. We kind of got driven Nate Pierre-Louis. Just stuck them in the basket. You just got to be quicker and in Gardez yard Garda yard this way. In the yard this way. Not let guys have straight line drives. Because if the guy straight line, drives, you you don't have any chance to help because the other guy's not going to be right beside you, he's going to be garden. His man there's gonna be some spacing on the offensive side. So that that help is going to be in the gaps. But if it's a straight line drive. You can't get any help. You gotta make him go this way instead of right towards the basket. And Secondly in he's got a he's a he was the primary guy with the ball in his hands. When we have eleven point lead with two immediate turnovers. He's gotta be more confident insecure and thanked the game here. Now, we're gonna run some clock. If we can if we can score a layup, we wanna score layup, but we can't throw the basketball to the other team or out of bounds. He has done some good things with his sister. He had a beautiful couple of assists yesterday was really good attacking the basket in transition for a while. So and he he's he's working at various Burton. Tomorrow's burton. He had a downhill drive as well. Yesterday, laid the basketball and had some contact. Same thing got to be able to handle the basketball make better decisions with the basketball, and they're very similar in fact, once junior ones as a freshman, but they're very similar. I haven't even thought about that. I know that I know their issues, but I haven't thought about how similar their issues are they both need to guard better. They both need to take care of the basketball better, and they both shoot better. And neither one of them have really shown the ability to make the outside shot this year, but they are pretty good driving downhill and passing the basketball or racist case, finishing would it be fair to say Jim Morrison's case. And some of this is just freshmen, but recognition I mentioned the ball. He didn't throw to the block at Memphis, and just recognizing those things are there or in some cases. One of the strengths is driving the ball. He's had some open lanes where he didn't take the drive in past it up instead and knowing that Pierre Louise behind. In trying to steal the basketball. Yeah. There's there's a lot of things we've got to continue to work with these kids on and they're they're wonderful people. Now, they're really nice young kids. And they wanna be they want to be good. They they they're disappointed in their performance. And they want to play better. So we can win. But. They're going to continue to to need coaching. They're going to need work, and hopefully, they'll continue to get better. Eric Stevenson had some moments early at home game shooting the ball, but has really struggled the last seven or eight really struggled last the one jumper that he took off and out of balance. Play. I drew the play up wide open in the corner right corner across from you, and he goes to feet long because his feet he's off balance in his his he's not straight up straight down his body contorted, and he stuck his legs out. And it was just a much more difficult shot than it needed to be. But when he's when he's healed toe stepping into a three at the line. He is he's a weapon, but he seems to have lost his confidence. And also he's got to be able to defend better. Here's another guy that basically and scouting reports. Now, the other teams are really attacking him off the mouse. And he is a pretty good athlete. Is that a case of a balance again getting in a better stance that kind of I think he's I think he's strong. And I think athleticism is is comprised of several different things. I think he's very strong. I think he can really jump. But I think his foot quickness laterally is deficient right now. That's where he's got to get better than anybody else that I mean, that's eight nine guys anybody else that could potentially step forward and add a few minutes to the mix. Well, rod as Bjorn when they get their opportunities have to play well as rod was a little bit deer in headlights at Memphis. He went in and three three straight times. He went in and just kind of froze because he was at home, and he was playing in front of how many family members? And so I didn't I didn't have much patience with him in that particular game. And you've got to build a find your man when we tell you to go in and guard twelve you've got to go guard twelve not go guard fifteen twelve. Have a wide open shots. So those are the things that we're working on with him. And as Bjorn's just unfortunately right now. He's right. These fourth string center behind three other guys we will continue final segment coach Marshall coming up as the shockers get ready to travel to Houston later this week. 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