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A new head coach after firing long time leader rod Rivera with just four games left in the season Panthers owner David Tepper said I believe this is the best decision for the long term success of our team have a great deal of respect for robin the contributions he's made to this franchise and to this community secondary coach Perry Fewell has been named interim head coach while offense of coordinator Norv Turner will transition to special assistant to the head coach and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner will serve as offensive coordinator temper will begin a search for a new coach immediately Rivera was hired in twenty eleven and is the team's winningest coach but since losing to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl fifty four seasons ago the Panthers are twenty nine thirty one AM haven't won a playoff game the team is five and seven this season the prestigious Turner prize for art has been awarded to well everyone organizer say all four of the finals and won this year's award after the road to the jury and asked to be treated as a collective Lawrence Abu Hamdan Helen Catholic Oscar Morello anti Shelley said that in a divided world they wanted the prize to quote make a collective statement to the name of commonality multiplicity and solidarity in art as in society jury president Alex Farquharson said award jurors agreed unanimously to the request usually the Turner prize winner receives thirty two thousand dollars on the runners up five grand this year the four artists can divide the entire prize pot however they wish the word was presented Tuesday at the Turner contemporary gallery in Margate southeast England the television academy hall of fame is adding five new members among them Cicely Tyson Seth macfarlane and Walt Disney company chief executive Bob Eiger Tyson won three Emmy Awards over her nearly seven decade acting career including two trophies for nineteen seventy fours the autobiography of miss Jane Pittman and one for nineteen ninety four is the oldest living Confederate widow tells all the Farley and a writer director producer and performer is a five time Emmy winner for his animated series family guy and Uyghur became CEO of Disney in two thousand five during his tenure the company acquired Pixar Marvel Lucasfilm and.

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