Dick Van Dyke, Andy Griffith, Greenacres discussed on Dean Richards Sunday Morning


Reruns four like all of our arrivals as forever is that the gold standard would you guys said that's the gold standard of shows the andy griffith show that's right up there with them yeah right there with dick van dyke in my book galca dick van dyke what else would weather's what other sitcom stands the test of time like that the andy griffith show you could watch today and i don't i don't think it's dated at all a lot of the shows are super dated sure but i don't i don't think they're paid dick van dyke nor a andy griffith are dated one bit are right i mean when he when he think of things like pity coach juncture in her greenacres they're kinda you know right by andy griffith dick van dyke no you're right fantastic your go look at those dumas good fifty years from jim neighbors was was great everybody on that trump's was great yes they were everybody fit the roles that white revived cast loyd the barber oh howard mcnair yeah he's a he's a good boy howard make near played a barber ironically unbelieva to beaver one time we got now all you people are scaring me on thai cherry alec we scared off the audience too right well at least were enjoying it that's all the benign forty seven i look i said of the beginning mr nearest to kill four hours and i think we're killing a pretty good today i know upward not to say ever again don't you those not say that weren't is good serious woman nazi that words are not do it uh mamello is uh coming up next wgn seized on the ship first you have to your shown your free puzzle black hog tickets getting scandalous dirt of a quick trip to your seen.

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