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Fighting bang. Bang Bang Bang is getting hit and getting hit in it. He's not touching it. He's not paying attention to it. It keeps fighting but his eyes closed but he doesn't. He's not rubbing his eyebrow he's not rubbing anything anything he just keeps. Friday keep the going it keeps rubbing it with his hand. He's touching his hand. He's bothering you. Tell US bothering them and bothering them. It's piling okay. Hold on time and the DOC look at it now doc. He's a medical professional. I'm not a medical professional. I don't know all I know. Is that that thing is now bothering him. Because he's wiping blood in his eyes so I'm not worrying about staying as I are blinding vision but this thing is done as well up the doctor look at it. Doc what he say. fights over okay if I told her. That's it. Dr Savage Fights Booboo doesn't matter if it's over that's okay okay. Good you ready ready to go got back onto it. Defer to the doctor's situation like that and for the doctor with a dislocated finger dislocated plenty of doubt. But if you see if you see I can tell us dislocate especially through love. You like dude fights over. We can't have anymore but he's like. Oh our hurt my finger. Stop Time you okay okay. I'm and hurt my finger on the communication take care okay. Come here the start of the doctor the door and the fingers Docs like it's this okay and fights over we're done say Last thing then I think the tape is GonNa blow up first of all. Thank you very much pleasure anytime. I love to do this anytime you want. Oh listen I I make you a sidekick if you've got the time I do it for sure if there's money involved. Well this'll be the last time you on this. This kid studio. Oh I if I can get rid of I don't like to talk about what's upstairs but if I can. Why would you want to talk about this a per platform to talk about it? Well it is but I want to be known for my comedy and then people want to ask you. You can do advertising if you if you had. If bio sal came in here and want to do it advertising you'd run their commercial commercial. It's a commercial for the stuff you trying to sell. Well I have have a probably the world's largest game on Hockey Jersey collection of fighters so that means every goon every enforcer it is in credible guys frank is one of. There's only been I think four other people allowed in that room theo fleury time Stanley Cup champion. CBS Dustin Penner a two time Stanley Cup champion and And his police dog and one other person What we won't get the person was was it? A bad is an ex. Yeah so okay so getting steal something. They getting thousands of people knew the value of those things But in about ten of them myself still the nine Eleven Jersey but Eric Bolton safer I'd say that's not that's not worth much anymore thousand. Here's a funny story about that. So you're right. Maybe I should talk about this Should right absolutely rangers and sabers like I told you the first Sporting event after nine eleven They made Twenty Jersey's a forty jerseys totaled Donald Twenty for the Rangers Twenty for the Sabres no authentic replicas were made they were Auctioned off after the game funds into the firefighters and police from that day and The funny thing is they sat in a you know the auction took like a month. And because they you know they wanted to the most amount so they left it open for they left All forty jerseys on top of each other in a basement Madison Square Garden for one month. Unwashed washed Oh not know what. I'm assuming Ima may gear hand get funky but hockey Might be even worse. Just 'cause as you people don't understand like we're talking about today. No Chara. Bean to seventy naked but with gear on he's as close to you sweat Uh incredible amounts in hockey so to know that you had forty jerseys unwashed from on so when I got the Jersey. Actually one Steve Steve McKenna's He didn't play in that game But he skated in warm up. So I won His Jersey and Eric Bolton's Jersey who got into a fight. That game When I got both jerseys the smell was so ungodly But I was so excited I had a show that night at the comedy store were anyway. I wore the Bolton Jersey and you comedy stunt that now I'm telling you every and I do you know oh I do all right with the ladies back in that era of my life. I couldn't get a girl. Come near me. Oh Yeah for sure. It was a month stench. Because they're thinking they're thinking like uses jerseys thing what's his ball smell like. Yeah that's the girls are thinking dangling smell my last question and you are welcome back anytime any time. Maybe it first of all guys you gotta you gotTa you gotTa get these Jersey so because you want to get to the new studio yeah and then you can afford a sidekicks come in here once a week and we don shooter ship the three and a half hours. Well it's you know you look at you know Brennan Shaab as a sidekick kid that's he's killing it I don't know I mean Joe doesn't necessarily a psychics but he has semi regular sidekick. Tom Suguira Red Man. Tony Hinchliffe etc etc ideas on. Joe Joey are we has a sidekick so psychics Eddie Barlow Joe as a rotating. Yeah you so you know Casts I would love to have you as a site. Your perfect for podcasts. Could you talk a lot. And that's not that I have no problem talk. I know I've literally done. I'm done podcast. Where like the guy the host has left? But that's like ten or fifteen. I'm sitting here talking about what the fuck is going on. And he during the bathroom having listened to it on their phone. Oh yeah I know exactly what you said So the final question for today perfect. We talk about stopping shopping fights knowing win the pressure that bigfoot Silva Marquan fight Both gashes ashes all over their heads. But it goes to you know they were both fighting competently like does the sheer size of both US guys factor into like today stopped assume like every every fighter whereas four and a half ounce clubs every Friday. It's the same same same about four. And a half ounce five ounce clubs and there was gloves so the guy hitting at one fifteen has been his hand is little frame a guy at two seventy five or t sixty five has exact same glove in his hand. The exact same way. Raise your like the reason why you wear gloves. The reason why boxing gloves the queensberry rules isn't the protect. The fighter getting punched reached. It's about the hand of the fighter punchy right so these when you go to like mayweather fight back. Eight ounces. Ten ounces US Harry fights were in ten ounces eight ounces as competitive glove when they're hitting each other and wilder when they rematch forever. It's going to be an eight ounce love. It's what it is that these guys are gonna hit each other hard balls eight ounce gloves does that factor into your to. You're settling no. I mean you also have to find spaces if a guy gets hit a wicked crack a wicked crack where his the back. The top of his head touches his back he gets his head snapped back. That hard you wo- but then he fell down. Is he still concerned. Hansel up our as iced fresh. He's still looking at. What's going on with them? Okay still good. Let's let's keep going spike keeps going that he's not with the blood is is. You've got gashes cut up but he's still find inbetween round the DOT com and take a look at it. Let's get the break. Let's see what happens. The break comes in the back is already at the doors are looking at both fighters and in a way in California. At least they wait. Let let the Guy Kinda on the Stephen Stop it and come. I'm into whatever it but he'll also take a quick look because the Docs especially in California now yet I cut even if they stopped the bleeding. It's it's already happened to the bone. I count the FICO. This fights over this guy. He's too bad guys. Good the other day. Oh that guy's to stop the final. He'll look at both sides. We'll make a decision and they'll tell you that you know. Hey Rapper guy stopped despite. There's no blood there's no blood clean-cut to clean cut. Unfortunately though I see a skull fights gotTa Stop Okay fights over done and this is kind of a a piggyback on. That question like I remember. There was a fighter. I used to love scene for breezy. Oh Maldonado middleweight. He actually stepped up one night to fight me. Oh Ch oh yeah. Yeah Yeah I only bring them up. Because this guy's ability to take punishment was he was like the Tex heck's Cobb of MMA like eating a beating like a nuclear versus sat kind of beating. Yeah I love me some Bob. SAPP is just shorting your career like. That's how you shortly career but has a ref Like it how do you factor in terms of your decision making ability to say we have of I'll go another old school fight. Let's say we have for Bruce Maldonado against Gary Goodridge. It's going to take a beating. You know you know the both guys so like I do you get. Do they have a longer rope like. Because you know you've seen him fight before you've okay. I see this guy right before I can take a beating. You know. It's IT'S A. He's deepen a list. I know they can take an ass kicking. Let's to see what happens. You know like no girl here. He can take a beating. We know he's going to get beat up. He's GONNA probably lose the first round yours coming back. Find some kind of submission. He just take a beating a lot of heads a lot of kicks. I'll be fine. We just know got about about the opponent on the opposite end of that. I love how I'm asking one question. And it's just like when you know a guy and I don't like saying the guy's a week Chen because because like Jesus you're getting hit by like the overall has been accused of having weekend. Yeah now to me. It's like look he's fucking fighting's going to about two hundred fifty four men and we gone who who probably at fight night is probably to seventy or whatever. His famous knockout he had against bigfoot Silva Uh yes God knows how. He's got to be close to three hundred pounds at fight time. Do you on the opposite. Okay well over. Aim has sir.

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