Hanford, North Pacific Ocean, CNN discussed on Jeff Rense


It kind of points to when i just posted on the site today they're now admitting at the hanford nuclear reservation ap call it they call of eight eight and former nuclear persona hanford no it's not former of all i has has been then it is causing in new more bowl debts and suffering in terms of catastrophic illness among people who live simply lived in the area especially east down when from hanford so yes the nuclear genie never should've been let down the bottle one of the worst mistakes ever on this planet and no in history for ap xima being of course at the top of the list something that is out of control now worst and it was five and a half years ago and is not going to be resolved any time in the foreseeable future the north pacific ocean is largely depleted of life forms now it's nothing like it used to be a and it's going to get worse and worse for ap she might you never hear but it went to last time to cnn's told you handing about for pushing him or anybody no but we talk about it here but that's it go ahead tell well actually you're of the year right to and guess what good we don't talk about and we don't you know what happened that we don't address the damaged it's been like that to play schraeder then the vice shouldn't girl are it will continue to to take place we rain emerson should that's right there to so and i'm not sure then usually i learned environmentalist and we shouldn't.

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