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Oh. Philadelphia goes across Jordan with the ball in the traffic to the far side. Hawks dick shot set up a rebound in a bit sang by Matt bits, and again, just endless play and work ethic. Four put it up here. Spring Brown part of that rush for Philadelphia stopped by mad Vince, one fifty six left a play here in quarter number to Philadelphia leading at six to three and the Commissioner of the national lacrosse league will be with us tonight at halftime up to have chased Frazier on from just outside the bandits dressing room as well. There's a shot on. Going to the right side of bucket. Rebound Dade Smith. Double teamed on the plane hit art. Jars the ball free, and it goes to Philadelphia advantage again sloppy first-half play for buffalo coming up that thirteen day layoff. Nine and two on the season five game winning streak on the line here in Philadelphia tonight. Wings with a shot on say by Vince rebound picked up by Mitch this new as he dashes down the right wing lay. He's got Matt Gilroy with him with a shot that's blocked by Philadelphia's defense. Yes. He was in line there towards the hall doing his job backing up. Now, those got by good or date. He'll bring it back out to midfield and across the restraint blind his shot straight on invents coming up with the save under a minute to play here in the first half buffalo with a break. Get across the line is O'Connor shooting scores. Aitken o'connor. With his fourth goal of the season much needed for buffalo. And if it's gotta be transition. So be it. And they do a great job speaking for buffalo on the transition. Nathan O'Connor is all of those to the right side. And would face to face duck Buchan. And found twined behind the rookie netminder in buffalo comes within two with forty one point seven seconds remaining of quarter, number two. So Ethan O'Connor who came in to tonight's game points and five of his last seven. Scores. His second goal of the series and a much needed goal for buffalo before the witch tonight. Ethan O'Connor here comes after that draw one by the wings and a shot straight on off his stick of cow Matiz, forcing. Vince to make a splitting save an Buffalo's. Got the ball with thirty seconds remaining here in this first half ppr yellows got it leaves it out. Admit to kill Ray Ray back across the line over to small you'll Raya part of the rush now along with Thomas Hogarth. Sean Evans has got the ball. He hangs onto it. There's a shot on just to the left side of bucket. Looked like it hit twine. But it just went the side of bucket. Now, they. Breakaway passes nullified because Philadelphia calls a time out with seven point nine seconds remaining. So they have definitely demand. They have got command in this game for sure in the first half of play all day, the general manager and head coach has done a fine job of keeping. This guy's focus despite the fact that being away from the game for two weeks eighteen to twenty some odd days. Another got eight point five seconds left on the scoreboard clock here at the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia. Try to set up a play. But so doing right now. Tracy Kolevski the offensive coordinator for Philadelphia designing a play and go with this hot stick players and again. Passing not good tonight for buffalo or rusty look for sure. And the fact that they're allowing Philadelphia to sneak in front of Matt bent several times and a couple of times Crowley, Josh courier glaze weirdos other taking advantage of that. By scoring the goal. Give credit to Philadelphia are working hard and keeping that ball hod and making the connections appropriately sloppy passing by buffalo Bill connections made on several attempts here. So then it's unsure we'll hear from head coach rich Kilgour head coach, John Kamara said halftime said get back focus in this game. If you can't get somebody why not run into the boards yourself. Just try to snap the cobwebs back into the. Swinger? Thanks for. Sure. Philadelphia with the ball four seconds left immediately down to the bandit zone shot goes wide. And that's going to do it for the first half of play tonight from Philadelphia where.

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