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Alcohol. Ricki ricki. Right. The CEO and president of the company joining us here, Ricky, how are you, sir? Great to have you along today. Great, thanks for having me. So so backdrop let me tell you why. Let me tell you. Why let me tell you. Why what is it? Well, look at the bottle k the bottle with the blue handle. I bought the bottle for the handle first rookie first of all was that. Did you know that was going to happen? Yes. We actually interviewed almost thousand women, and they chose the blue handle fifty percent of the time and the one the three liter the other. Yes, exactly. Incredible. So any grocery store has this. Honestly, the first time, I didn't even notice it said alkaline. I first. Blue handle be easier to care because I tried to go through those down bottles every day now alkaline or so first of all, can you give us this this story of alkaline water because I think many of us have heard about it Rikki and not many of us know about it. So alkaline water water that has a ph above seven. We have a new eight point eight because the first period you study in the country that have any of help claims at an eight point eight water that they used we make no health claims talk your health provider, your health professional, do you want any health claims made? What would you make you make a great tasting water? We make purified water and pink, Emily, and rock salt. So. So what are the health benefits the alkyl inside? Because I think this is important personnel. Because many people just think when you drink water that's enough. But what I understand? You don't have a little bit of alcohol in the water. You can either retain the water. It goes right through one of the two happens. I is that the real benefit here from a from an actual review study. There is a there is the study that indicates an eloquent water has a superior hydration tonight. We use an ionized process that allows the water to get your system quicker, again, we don't make health claims, but the very first week that we came out publicly women's magazine world ran an article, I think it might have been women's I actually the round. Highgrading quicker. You got. So you got rid of your wrinkles? You helped your brain better interviewer, women and major skinnier. So. Prettier smarter. You got the female market right there. And by the way, is that your target are most water companies targeting females Ricky. Party is most of our competitors went into areas, we have a competitive winning as tolerating Gatorade. And then we had a competitive and went into the healthy food market. We chose to go right into the grocery channel. And we chose to go box sizes with women in mind is buying soda children. We think we have the cleanest beverage in the market again. We only have to Reince everybody can read 'em. Everybody knows by water is everybody knows what Iraq's ball. Thank you. Rachel ray. And you want to give that to your kid. Is there a manly version coming out soon? Maybe like an. Granite walk. We are. Vision that year. So we are coming out with flavored waters going after a little bit of the market. And again, we are we've actually launched a based water as well. Again. Will be cleaned Ricki Ricky right, by the way, CEO and president of the alkaline water company..

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