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To me. I know that they want me to fight shield still holds the individual record for most penalty minutes in a season with four hundred seventy two that's an for a moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer brew listening to bring. In the lead up to national elections in Israel AP's, Charles de LA desma reports. A watchdog group says it's found fake social media accounts. Promoting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu searches the big box project say they've identified a network of social media boats where accounts have spread messages in support of the Likud party, and smearing his opponents researches haven't found a direct link between the network, and that Yahoo all liquid the your whose son has frequently liked posts by the networks accounts. Liquid? Party denies any connection to the network Israelis head to the polls in eight days in a close race between Netanyahu and his main rival former army chief of staff bennigan's, I'm Charleston. That's discouraging a border shutdown. I'm Jacky Quin within AP news minute. The US chamber of commerce is among the groups urging President Trump not to close the US Mexico border to keep out migrant families are saga megani reports another possibility as many as two thousand inspectors who screen cargo and vehicles could be temporarily reassigned to instead process migrants the effects are being seen in El Paso, where thousands of would-be border crossers were waiting about an hour across the pond, the British parliament can't seem to find an alternate to the Brexit agreement is with two hundred sixty one the news what two hundred eighty two. So the news have some lawmakers endorse staying with the prime minister's plan. There was a school shooting in Prescott Arkansas one child was wounded and a young gunman is in custody. Rapper nipsy hustled Ingram member for his work to improve life in Los Angeles. I'm Jacky AP.

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