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It is twice blessed to bless him. Give him receive it and so I just recited from memory is said to collect that. That's that's my said. Okay right all that down for me said to me so so now comes the day that In General Krulak was the communist system. Right no no. At this time he was so. Cg EVOLVE MC SIDDIQ. Down there so Voter education over I guess older deserters but So he has the guy come in here. It's got the guards performances. First of all take the shackles off. This and then he turns the Guy said this ends today. This will never admit got home. I was going to happen and he said. Let me read to you something then. My dearest friends sent me and he read the Soliloquy. The quality of mercy is not strained and so he finishes and he said it's over. I'm excusing you of everything you'll never face this again. But there's one requirement and the guy says. Oh God yeah whatever. I'll do whatever you want. General you said in the future you're going to have an opportunity to exercise either Justice or mercy and I can tell you to consider mercy in decision and I said well absolutely so you let him go off to goes to the wedding back to her. That Christmas general crew has done him and he said I gotTa show you this card and is trump this individual from back in Arlon. He said General. Thank you again for your kindness and so forth since our meeting. I have had a number of occasions to choose between justice and mercy. And thanks to you. I always chosen marquette down on the side of the mercy and have never regretted it. I hope that you have not regretted the fact that you showed mercy for me. So Joe you just never know when one of your teachers making you memorize them a portion of Shakespeare the May come in handy but in that case it came in handy for that individual as General Krulak Qetta choose between justice and mercy. Well that's incredible well. I don't think we could end in episode any better than that. Well to thank you. You know we have all of these opportunities in life to to do the right thing to reach back and say gee what what is what is right and proper here and hopefully that in reaching back. We're reaching back into a bag that has lots of integrity involved in it. The we we ended up making the the the right choice. Well that's awesome Russia. I appreciate you sharing those words of wisdom and phenomenal story with his. So that wraps up this episode and we'll be back Be Back with another one soon. So until then these two veterans or Oscar Mike vetted on the move your pathfinder to freedom if you like to show leave us a review. Kids reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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