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The engine room. Fox's William Largeness The homeowner who says he protected his home from protesters in ST Louis, Missouri, is speaking out. Mark McCloskey stood guard at his mansion, Armed with an AR 15 his wife with a pistol he's slamming circuit attorney Kimberly Gardener for threatening to charge him and his wife, he tells Fox News is the same circuit attorney. Released 35 of the protesters that torched and looted downtown ST Louis. But now she wants to indict me. I didn't shoot anybody. I just held my ground protected my house and I'm sitting here on television tonight, instead of dead or putting out the smoldering embers of my home. McCloskey claims some of the black lives matter. Protestors on June 28th threatened to kill him and his dog protesters claim they were on their way to demonstrate at the mayor's house. Authorities seized McCloskey's AOR 15 and authorities are asking the public for help in tracking down those who vandalized statues of the Virgin Mary in New York and Boston. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Any act of hatred and destruction towards religious figures is deeply saddening and unacceptable. I'm Carmen Roberts, and this is Fox News. The most dangerous day for a newborn is her first day of life. She's at risk from infections, pneumonia, mount Nutrition every 31 seconds. Another infant is lost. Another family's hope for their baby's future is crushed the most.

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